Why Your Site is Missing from Google

Google landing site on computer screen

The dreaded Google black list. The list that no one wants to be on, but it seems even more than we could estimate are showing up on this list. According to Forbes.com as of November 2013 there were a reported 10,000 suspicious websites per day being quarantined. The cause of the quarantine is supposedly because […]

How Has The Internet Changed Education? [Infographic]

How Has the Internet Changed Education

If you want evidence of the way the internet is pervading every aspect of our lives, you need look no further than its effect on education. The internet and social media have dramatically changed both teaching and learning. In fact, most students’ (an incredible 93 percent) first instinct when confronted with a research problem is […]

Why Businesses Should Optimize Their Websites For Mobile Users

Why businesses should optimize their websites for mobile users.fw

Many people see their mobile phone as an extension of themselves, but 20 years ago it was a different story. People relied on getting information from internet searches exclusively on desktop computers. Over the years, this evolved to include laptops and eventually mobile devices. The way we search the internet has also changed with technology. […]