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What Is Linkbait and How Does Linkbait Work? [Video]

What Is Linkbait and How Does Linkbait Work

What Is Linkbait? Linkbait is the process of publishing a remarkable piece of content others can’t help but link back to. The most common forms of linkbait are: Infographics (some examples of these here, here, and here) Niche Resource Guides (examples of these here, here, and here) Ego Driven Content (example here and here) Negative Content (example […]

Leveraging Current Events When Link Baiting

Building a legitimate, natural looking backlink portfolio is one of the hardest parts of SEO. It is especially hard when the website you are link building to lacks linkable content. When your site lacks linkable content, you have to force the backlinks coming into your site, which 9/10 times never looks natural. Now, I’m not […]

7 Crude Links — If Link Building Was Oil Drilling (Infographic)

Before the search engine, the Internet was an untamed territory of disorder and difficult navigation. Google civilized the Web, making information discoverable, by giving links tremendous value. Like “word of mouth,” links pass merit and should signify quality, utility, or popularity. As links denote significance, they themselves appreciate in value due to demand. Links are […]