How To Boost Your Traffic With Pinnable Images

How To Boost Your Traffic With Pinnable Images

Pinterest is a great way to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website, but the key is making images on your website “pin-worthy”. While there’s no shame in pinning your own images, the real cherry on the top will be having your visitors pin the images onto their own boards. Before you add […]

SEO Tips From Industry Experts: An Infographic And Ebook

SEO tips from the experts infographic and ebook

Recently, our friends at Hubspot reached out to me and asked if we would like to be a part of a new ebook they were putting together called SEO Tips From Industry Experts… and of course I said “absolutely, we would love to!” Our topic to cover was Mastering On-Page SEO, and for this we had our VP […]

Traditional News In A Social Media World

traditional news in a social media world

Social Media and News: A Match Made In Heaven I can’t really think of another industry that’s a better fit for social media than the news industry. Think about it: high-quality content that’s produced on a consistent, timely basis, that users want, need, and crave. But even the most perfect couples have problems they need […]

Create Your Own Damn News

Create Your Own Damn News

“Do you guys have e-mail addresses?” asked an attendee of the Salt Lake Chamber’s, “What to know about Online Marketing,” event, last Thursday. How could 4 internet professionals forget to put their e-mail addresses on the slide show presentation about Online Marketing? The truth is that this moment in itself is an indication of how […]

Phygital Marketing: Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Converge

Phygital Marketing - Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Converge

The digital landscape has transformed the way people communicate, share information and receive their advertising. Digital marketing can be integrated into all traditional methods of advertising and PR, making it an engagement marketing essential. When the physical world taps into the digital world, the “phygital mashups” that are created can really hit your audience in […]

Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

A common question that we at receive from clients and potential clients is, “How can social media help my SEO efforts, or does it even help at all?” In this post, I want to talk about just that… using social media to impact your SEO efforts and how the two can work together to […]

Believe The Hype: Why Instagram Is Relevant To SEO And Branding – Part 1

Believe the Hype Why Instagram Is Relevant To SEO and Branding  Part 1

Humans Are Visual creatures. The More You Give Us To Look At The More We’re Going To Pay Attention. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Instagram after Facebook’s acquisition and now it’s the largest mobile social network, growing on average 2 million users every month. Marketers need to pay attention to Instagram for the […]