Arm & Leg Wrestling Championship

Congratulations to Jon, one of our SEO Specialists, who won the first ever arm and leg wrestling championship this afternoon. He was the undefeated, undisputed champion in right arm, and both legs. There are rumors that several losing players dispute the results citing possible use of performance enhancing substances. Honorary mention to Adam who […]

SEO for Non-Profits

We have a very close relationship with, so I was happy to jump in and speak on the “Giving Back” panel¬† when Katie got stranded in New York due to weather delays and couldn’t get to Chicago for her panel on Monday. I didn’t have a lot of prep time, but Katie had a […]

SEO Conference Week

For the first time ever, two of the big search marketing conferences are slated for the first exact same week (next week). I’m going to be at SES Chicago and my VP of Client Services, Nelson, will be at PubCon in Vegas. We would love to meet you in person if you’re at either conference, […]

SEO Questions and Site Reviews

Got a question about SEO? Wish someone would tell you if your site is properly optimized for the search engines? We’re launching two new features here on the blog: SEO Question/Answer and SEO site reviews. The way the Question/Answer part works is you ask a question about any topic related to online marketing, SEO, […]

Domain Names and SEO

For years, people have talked about how valuable keywords are in domain names. I’ve heard people claim that a domain name will automatically put you on top of the search results for the word in your domain, and others claim it makes no difference. The truth lies somewhere between, but definitely leaning toward the “yes […]

Choosing the Best Keywords

Ah, the beauty of search marketing! What other marketing medium lets you get your ad in front of your potential customer at the precise moment they are looking for exactly what you sell? Of course, your success with search marketing hinges on your selection of the right keywords. Good keyword selection starts with a brainstorming […]

The Matter of Page Rank

Countless times, prospective clients have approached our company asking us to help them increase their Google Page Rank; Not their monthly visitors, search traffic, rankings, leads, or conversion rate, but their Page Rank. There have been countless other times where prospective clients have turned away from our company because although our clients search engine rankings […]