Trouble with Google Search Partners Metrics

Back in October, Google Adwords separated the metrics for traffic from Google and their Search Partners. We all had our assumptions about how our campaigns were performing in the Search Network, but this updated allowed us to see the actual numbers. Google Search Partners Statistics For the most part, this new information is more informative […]

On Site Search SEO Tip #2

After a tremendous response from my last post about on site search (5 comments, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!) I felt compelled to write you another post, going into how your on site search can be CRITICAL to your website. For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to assume you have a WordPress […]

SEO and Video integration

Video thumbnail for youtube video SEO and Video integration -

When people think of videos and the internet, most people think of the viral videos. After all, who can forget about the classic exploding whale video? Or the long-time reigning champion of Youtube, Evolution of Dance? Or that slam dunk Lebron James recently made from the free-throw line? The real question most webmasters are thinking, […]

What about Squidoo?

I had the opportunity to attend PubCon in Las Vegas and I am glad I did. I learned some cool things about SEO and various aspects of search marketing. While I was attending several of the sessions, I heard different social networks mentioned as places that were good for marketing on the internet. Some of […]

On Site Search SEO Tip #1

A major item that a lot of sites overlook and a lot of SEO’s don’t really understand is the “site search” function on a site. I’m going to give you a scenario that three of our clients have faced, with similar results. Let’s say you own a real estate site with information being pulled from […]

PubCon 2008 Las Vegas

Getting ready for the second day of PubCon in Las Vegas. So far it’s been great. We’ve got a crew of six people from here at the conference. I’ve met some great people and look forward to meeting many more over the next couple days. The sessions yesterday were very good, and the topics […]

Utah Rocks the Inc 500

I keep hearing about how tough the economy is and I know people who have been hit hard by the housing market, credit crisis, and all that junk. However, for our company, business is booming. We have been growing like crazy and it shows no signs of slowing down (we are hiring). Just yesterday, I […]