Optimizing for Navigational Searches

People search for many different reasons. These myriad reasons can be broken down into a few wide segments, informational, transactional, and navigational searches. There are millions of searches when people simply need information, but often even informational searches are just the early stages of the purchasing process. It is important to understand the different ways […]

We are hiring – Utah SEO Jobs

I am trying to hire several SEO Specialists here at SEO.com. If you want to be a part of a fun environment and hang out with search geeks all day long, we have just the place for you! I am looking for locals who can come and work with our team in our office. Our […]

Searching for the Beijing 2008 Olympics

I love the Olympics! Every 2 years (summer and winter games) I am glued to my TV to watch the world’s finest compete for gold. Back in 2002 the Winter Olympic Games were here in my home town, Salt Lake City. They turned the city and all the surrounding venues into a magical place. I […]

Death Knell of Google: Could it be SEO?

A few days ago an article by Chris Williams was published in the Guardian UK about the death knell of Google—and that the perpetrator of this death would not come by competitors like small-time Cuil or Yahoo!, but by SEO. Am I biased? Well a little (this is a blog at “SEO”.com). However, I believe, […]

SEO.com Company BBQ

The company BBQ last night at Wines Park was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone for making it a great time. We had more than enough burgers and hot dogs (check the fridge for leftovers!) and we had a blast playing SEO bingo (nice work, Meri), water balloon volleyball, and the stomp the balloon game. […]

SEO is About Communication

We’ve all heard various experts toot the horn of various elements of SEO: “Content is king!” or “It’s all about the links.” Others tout their proprietary software tools or throw out terms like latent semantic indexing. The truth is, all of these things play a part in SEO (along with a bunch of other things), […]

Google Gets Flash-y

Until now, creating a site in Flash was a sure fire way to guarantee zero search engine visibility. Sure, there were things you could do like sIFR and SWFObject, but these and other work-arounds required some extra work and a level of expertise. Adobe just announced that they are working with Google and Yahoo to […]

Hitwise Data: Google Rules

From the Hitwise Press Release: Google accounted for 68.29 percent of all U.S. searches in the four weeks ending May 31, 2008, Hitwise announced today. Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and Ask.com each received 19.95, 5.89 and 4.23 percent respectively. The remaining 41 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.63 percent […]