Turning Bad Search Results Into Good Landing Pages

The best landing pages activate a neurological trigger in the visitor’s brain that screams, “This page is exactly what I’m searching for. No need to look further.” If your landing page can do that, credibility flows like sweet, sweet awesomesauce to your site, company, brand, and product before the click-through occurs. You’re exponentially closer to […]

Debunking Press Releases

At the Tricks and Treats Workshop I talked about how to optimize press releases for the online public, and why you should write and send them consistently. What I did not explain as much, however, is what a press release is and how to write one. After talking to a few people lately, I’ve realized […]

How to Screw Up a Web Project – During the Sale

There are many ways to screw up a web development project, and it all starts with not helping the sales managers. You got this one When you’re working for a studio, web development projects are team efforts. That team includes your sales staff; they’re the front line. Here’s some tips on selling them out and […]

Is It Really Better to Give?

Last month, my wife and I jumped on a plane out of Salt Lake City and headed toward what my wife refers to as “the most magical place on earth,” Walt Disney World. Why were we going when we don’t have any kids? I can promise you it wasn’t because of all the wonderful childhood […]

The Green Building Center Gets Recession Help, Wins $60,000 Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover from SEO.com

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Green Building Center Gets Recession Help, Wins $60,000 Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover from SEO.com - SEO.com

SEO.com selected The Green Building Center as the winner of the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover because of its commitment to the environment, its struggles during the recession and potential for future success. The organization receives a 6-month contract that includes Web design, search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and conversion optimization. SALT LAKE CITY […]

Matt Cutts and Evan Fishkin Shaved My Head at PubCon


On a bet Matt Cutts told Evan Fishkin at the SEOMOZ party that he would shave his head if, during the site reviews, someone asked for their site to be reviewed and it ended up being a spam site. Well, it happened. After the session, a bunch of us were asking Matt questions and we […]