Website Beauty Tips

Among the perfect Barbie dolls and pop icons that litter the walls of every adolescent male, you will never see a pockmarked crone or even a hot model with something in her teeth. Professionals airbrush every picture beyond perfection; heaven forbid you ever see cellulite or dark shadows under bloodshot eyes! Television producers have capitalized […]

Jump Into the Whitewater for Your Clients

A few of us stood in the shade, watching the guides from Holiday Expeditions put the boats onto the trailer. The two-day river rafting trip was over, and as we were left contemplating it in the 100-degree heat, one impression stuck with me: Until you actually jump into the Colorado River and float through its […]

List of Great Firefox Plugins for SEO

I’m a fan of Firefox mainly for the additional functionality you get from using plugins. In fact, it’s always frustrating when I am on someone else’s computer, and I don’t have access to my own set of “tools” that I use on a daily basis. Simply put, if you aren’t using Firefox, you’re missing out […]

Absolute URLs – Better Safe Than Sorry?

The URL discussion has been absolutely beaten to a pulp regarding best practices for SEO and you will get varying opinions from different SEO companies. Are absolute URLs better for SEO than relative URLs? What is all the fuss about? I will get straight to the point. Relative URLs carry the same effectiveness as absolute […]

SEO Is A Lot Like Surgery

My son recently had surgery. It wasn’t anything too serious, but it was traumatic enough that we noticed that he behaved a little differently once it was complete, and his recovery was going to take a little time. However, as soon as he fully recovered, he would be better, stronger, faster, and overall, he would […] Optimizing Since the Middle Ages was recently featured in the Salt Lake Enterprise. An article was written about our company, focusing on the incredible growth we have enjoyed despite the recession. After mentioning our office expansion and relocation, the article highlights the firm’s history. It states, “The firm was formed in April 1003…” We knew that we led the industry […]

4 Ways Any Business Can Benefit From Social Media

Social media is all the rage right now. You see it in blog posts everywhere. You see Twitter feeds on news shows. In the last month my mother and several uncles joined Facebook! Simply put, social media is all over the place. But is it useful for the average business? While not all businesses will […]

How to Design a Content Generation Strategy

Remember in grade school, when your teacher asked you to begin writing for two minutes; without stopping, and then forced you to pass this masterpiece over to a friend for editing? It was embarrassing and challenging as a young child to try something new and become an author in 2 minutes or less. Yeah, I […]

When Starting a Blog…

When we first get a client at, one of the first things we check during our intake process is the client’s blog. Many of our clients come to us without a blog, and those that previously had one rarely use it. We often suggest adding a blog and using it as a marketing tool for the […]