When White Hat SEO Turns Black

I recently caught wind of the ability to grow perfect white (or clear) diamonds in a lab. They have been able to create colored diamonds in labs for some time now, but the white diamond idea intrigued me so I started doing some research. I searched on “white man-made diamonds”, “cultured white diamonds”, “synthetic white […]

Top 8 WordPress Plugins Used by SEO.com

I know all of you SEO.com fans out there are wondering “what are the most important plugins that I can use on my WordPress blog for SEO”? Well, I’ve decided to unveil our secret stash of the best WordPress plugins for SEO because this is the year of sharing. And also I’d like to see […]

Another Look at rel="nofollow"

The dust has all but settled on the now somewhat recent news of Matt Cutt’s announcement that the rel=”nofollow” no longer works for Pagerank sculpting. (If you haven’t heard, check out Matt’s post here.) At first, there was an awful lot of confusion and I can only feel sorry for Matt for having to answer […]

SEO.com Acquires Graphics.net, Expands to Include Search Engine-Friendly Web Design

Graphics.net becomes part of SEO.com to form a comprehensive Internet marketing firm. The SEO company now offers full-service, professional Web design combined with all aspects of search engine optimization. SALT LAKE CITY (Aug. 19, 2009) — SEO.com, a leader in Internet marketing and search engine optimization, today announced it has expanded its services by acquiring […]

All About Site Indexation and the Crawl Toward Real-Time Search

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about real-time search, but is it necessary? First, let’s look at the current state of search and crawl.* Unless your site is decidedly authoritative, like CNN.com, you’re likely to get crawled as Google indexes more authoritative sites that are linking to your own. Your site will end […]

SEO.com Expands Team Shortly After Moving to New Office

After only a month in its new office, the SEO company adds more staff positions to accommodate a growing clientele. The company has added new search engine optimization specialists, a pay-per-click expert, and others to expand its services. SALT LAKE CITY (Aug. 12, 2009) — The fast-paced summer of SEO.com continues. Just a month after […]