The Future of Search – Tim Mayer Keynote at PubCon 2010

Tim Mayer is the former head of search product and business at Yahoo. The Future of Search Traditional Search – You enter a query and get back a result. Predictive Search – Search engines are able to connect your check-in history, personal profiles, and that of your friends to make recommendations for other plausible actions […]

Use 'Twinkie Diet' Example to Make Your Marketing Messages Stick

Did you hear about the professor who lost 27 pounds eating Twinkies? It’s a prime example of how to create your own message that will resonate with the public, and how to better leverage your search marketing campaigns. Here’s the basic rundown if you haven’t seen it: Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at […]

Highlights From Pubcon 2010 Social Media Keynote Panel

Day 2 of PubCon 2010 kicked off with a knockout keynote panel with Sarah Evans, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, and Scott Stratten. With back-and-forth from all the participants, I’ll summarize the overall topics of discussion. Here are the highlights: Is Social Media A Fad? (Gotta start somewhere) No. Getting Internal Buy-in On Social Media You […]

Day 1: Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Optimization Recap – PubCon 2010

Speakers: Rob Snell, Managing Partner, Gun Dog Supply Khalid Saleh, President and Co-Founder, Invesp Paul Boisvert, Director Product Management, Yahoo! Small Business, Yahoo! Ethan Giffin, CEO & Founder, Groove Commerce Khalid Saleh Tests to go above and beyond to assure customers of checkout security actually can backfire and decrease conversion rates. Process of CRO Plan […]

Day 1: Online Reputation Management Session – PubCon 2010

Moderator: Krisa Neher Speakers: Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur Rhea Drysdale, Co-founder and COO, Outspoken Media Tony Wright, CEO/Founder, WrightIMC Todd Friesen, Director of SEO, Performics Todd Friesen Reputation management is about control. Being able to control what is seen. Contrast search results for “Eliot Spitzer” with “Under Armour.” In one case, “Eliot Spitzer” has negative […]

David Pogue Keynote – PubCon 2010

David Pogue is the tech columnist for the New York Times and a very sharp-looking individual, who incidentally spoke through a bout of laryngitis this morning. Highlights from David Pogue’s Keynote called: Disruptive Online Tech David highlighted “mega trends” in tech disruption. Mobile Apps All of today’s tech interest centers around app phones, which are […]

7 Crude Links — If Link Building Was Oil Drilling (Infographic)

Video thumbnail for youtube video 7 Crude Links -- If Link Building Was Oil Drilling (Infographic) -

Before the search engine, the Internet was an untamed territory of disorder and difficult navigation. Google civilized the Web, making information discoverable by giving links tremendous value. Like “word of mouth,” links pass merit and should signify quality, utility, or popularity. As links denote significance, they themselves appreciate in value due to demand. Links are […]

7 Social Media Activities To Outsource

1. Blogging Blogging comes in many forms from corporate blogs with a controlled message to personal blogs with information about that latest weekend retreat with friends. Businesses often find it difficult to provide the necessary resources to blog consistently with a message that is satisfactory to upper management and provide enough value to both marketing […]