Foursquare Challenge Now in Full Swing; 3 Companies Selected

It feels good to be mayor. We would know. We’ve officially declared ourselves the mayors of summer, and are holding a Foursquare Challenge to determine whether or not you can get an ROI from the application. Not on Foursquare, yet? Chances are you will be soon. Foursquare gained 1 million users much faster than Twitter […] Named Utah’s 6th Fastest Growing Business; Two-Time UVEF Award Winner

— The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum selects as the 6th top young company in Utah at the annual “Top 25 Under Five Awards.”’s continued growth and strong revenue helped the SEO company gain 11 spots from the previous year. PROVO, Utah – For the second-straight year, the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum has named […]

Your Viral Content Stinks (and How You Can Fix it)

Dive into social media and soon you’ll see the good, the bad and the could’ve-been’s out there. I want to address the latter. So many pieces out there get little attention due to one or two small things that could make a good thing, great. Here are a list of the things I’ve seen make a […]

What's in a Name? The Process of Naming Your Business

The significance of the naming decision cannot be underestimated. Among the best remembered names are double entendres (phrases with double meanings) which are oft en whimsical. One meaning is pertinent to your industry or company, and the other meaning is often silly or otherwise memorable. It is also favorable if your name makes use of […]

2nd Annual Office Olympics

Last Friday, the trash talk commenced, team anthems were chosen, and iPhone stopwatches were synced as we gathered for the Annual Office Olympics. In 2009, we pulled muscles, scraped knees, and put a hole in our wall. This year we repeated all the above and added a little swelling. Was it worth it? Vince […]

Visualize More Links and Traffic — Ranking the Best SEO Infographics

Creating and publishing infographics has become the new fad for attracting linkbait and traffic. In the last year, we’ve watched the craze for infographics skyrocket as can be seen by this screenshot from Google trends below for the keywords ‘infographic’ and ‘infographics.’ Not only have social media marketers taken up the infographic craze, but SEOs […]

Number One is Money — How to Prove It

One question I frequently get from people is, “how much traffic can we expect if we are in the #1 one position vs positions 2, 3, and so on?” Is the amount of traffic you will get in the #1 position really worth the effort and cost? The answer to this question is yes, it […]