Review: Top 3 SEO WordPress Plugins

  “What’s the best WordPress SEO plugin?” I’m asked that question all the time, and recently took part in a debate discussing which plugin is best. I decided to draft a features list comparing the top three most downloaded SEO plugins to get a better picture of what each plugin has to offer, et voilà! […] Celebrates Growth in 2011

In an economy comparable to a stormy sea, where many companies struggle to keep their heads above water, has found solid ground, having been recognized several times this year for its rapid growth and increasing revenue. As the year closes, is celebrating its success after receiving a handful of awards. “We’ve seen continued […]

Explode Your Keyword List Right – Part 1

So I started writing a post titled 4 Ways to a Worthwhile Keyword List and quickly realized it was far too lengthy. Thus, you are now embarking on post one of a four-part series. Each post will discuss different processes to locate valuable keywords and how to lay them out in a way that allows you […]

Why is Content Important for SEO? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22044″] The web is comprised of information; or content. Every web page online is a living document of information that contains a specific piece of information with an intended purpose. Search engines crawl and index pages that are unique and provide value to their visitors. For example: a publisher writes content for a user (or […]

Should You Do SEO and PPC Together? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22051″] SEO and PPC should be considered children of the same parent: search marketing. Their strategies should be considered together for best results. There is some debate in the industry if running PPC and SEO can cause cannibalization of traffic; and there have been studies suggest both a positive and a negative result. You should, […]