What is Bing Webmaster Tools? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22058″] Bing Webmasters Tools are a set of tools made available to a site’s webmaster by Bing, allowing you to see how Bing sees your website. Bing Webmaster Tools provides you access to the following data: How often Bing has crawled your site Problems Bing found while crawling your site such as Malware found […]

Facebook 101: Schools Offer Social Media Classes to the Next Generation of Marketers

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The views some high school and college students have of social media may be changing as they break this month for the holidays. Before Davis High School junior Breanna Barton took Jeff McCauley’s new social media marketing class, Facebook and YouTube were merely means for wasting time. Now Barton sees things a little differently. “There’s […]

What is Original Content? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22067″] Google loves original content.  Original content is something that you wrote that you did not pull from any other source.  There are a number of places where good content can be added to a site.  Some options include: Blog posts Reviews Content on site Text on pages of site What kinds of content […]

The Link — SEO.com’s December Newsletter

Want to double your website traffic in 2012? Cyber Monday shoppers spent a record $1.3 billion this year as the Monday after Thanksgiving crept up on Black Friday as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. With Christmas just around the corner and so much possible revenue crammed into a short time span, […]

SEO.com named as one of the top 20 e-commerce Businesses in Utah

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Utah-based SEO.com recently placed seventh on Utah Business magazine’s list of the top 20 e-commerce businesses in Utah. The list has been based in past years on a company’s gross billing, number of clients and the number of full-time employees. Atop the list were companies like Ancestry.com, Overstock.com and Backcountry.com. “We’re thrilled to be listed […]

Google's Updated Menu Bar

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You may be just getting used to the new black menu bar that Google launched in June, but don’t get attached. According to Google, the menu bar is going through another redesign and the black bar you have been seeing for the past few months is about to disappear, and it could happen at any […]

What is the Panda Update? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22069″] Initially the Panda update was called the farmer update by the search engine marketing industry because it seemed to be targeting content farms and low quality sites that were spamming the search results. It was originally launched in February 2011 and was credited with affecting up to 12% of all search results pages. […]