Still a Young Company,, an Internet Marketing Firm, Is One of The Fastest Growing Businesses in Utah

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum on Thursday recognized Bluffdale-based as the third fastest growing company in Utah that is younger than 5 years old. In last year’s Top 25 Under 5 Awards, placed fifth. Founded in 2007, this is the last year the company qualifies for the prestigious list. “We’re so excited to […]

What is Bounce Rate? [Video FAQ]

What is bouce rate

Hi, I’m Nate Babbel, and today I will be answering the question: What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors that leave after only viewing 1 page of your site. Some of the top reasons a visitor can “bounce” are: Your website takes too long to load. Your website design […]

What Is Going On In The SERPs?

What is going on in the SERPS

The SERPs Are Serving Up Interesting Results I was doing some research on fitness the other day and got some really shocking search engine result pages (SERPs). After doing a search on “hiit workouts,” I saw the following universal search result. At first glance, there‘s nothing too interesting about it.  So I quickly scanned down […]

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? [Video FAQ]

What is conversion rate optimization?

Hi, I’m Nate Babbel and today I will answer the question: What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion rate is the percentage of total visitors that “convert” while visiting your site. Now depending on what type of site you have, a “conversion” will be different things, it can be a sale, a lead capture, a registration, […]

XML Sitemaps And Your Website

XML Sitemaps How To Add One To Your Website

XML Sitemaps: Making It Easier For Search Engines To Crawl Your Site Have you recently updated your URL structure from underscores to hyphens? Are you constantly updating products and pages on your website? If so, it might be time to dig into XML Sitemaps, and get yours updated. Let’s take a look at this important and sometimes […]

Google Panda Update Up Close [Infographic]

Google Panda Update Up Close Featured Image

Google’s Panda Updates are designed to penalize sites with weak content and to reward sites with quality content. Each of the 14 Panda Updates is an attempt to refine Google’s search engine results for the better. Google has around 46 Billion pages currently indexed and more than 80% of penalized websites are still struggling to […]

The New Link Ecology In A Post Penguin World

The New Link Ecology In A Post Penguin World

In a post penguin world, the importance of quality links and solid on-site optimization hasn’t necessarily changed. However, the urgency of many SEOs to acquire them should have.  While there are still many types of links and tactics that work despite their shade of gray and low quality, Google’s efforts are making it more difficult to […]