How To Create An Epic Slideshare Deck

How to Create an Epic SlideShare Presentation

Content Marketing involves creating and distributing beautiful, valuable, click-worthy and share-worthy content as a means for attracting and retaining customers. The concept of “Content Marketing” is nothing new, but the methods for delivering new and fresh types of content are evolving. One of those methods is the idea of slide presentation, and walking the viewer […]

5 Ways To Improve User Experience Through Better Anchor Text

5 Ways to Improve User Experience through Better Anchor Text

Back when we were blazing through the Internet over a phone line, it may have actually been helpful to include the phrase “click here” in our anchor text to help people understand they could actually click on the text and be directed to another page. However, that time has long since passed, and it is […]

How To Grow Your Business With REAL Social Media Goals and KPIs

How to Grow your Business with Real Social Media Goals & KPIs

So you’ve started to invest time and money in social media. Your followers are increasing and so is your website traffic. Your social media strategy is working, right? Well sort of. There’s no doubt that more followers, re-tweets and traffic are all good signs. But it’s easy for marketers and small business owners to walk blindly without […]

5 Handy Chrome Extensions Any Digital Marketer Will Love

5 Handy Chrome Extensions Any Digital Marketer Will Love

Browser extensions can make your life a whole lot easier. They’re a great way to personalize your browsing experience and make your digital marketing efforts more effective. With so many extensions available, I wanted to share five for Chrome that I use on a daily basis to increase my efficiency: 1. Clear Cache This plug-in will […]

How To Add Schema Markup To Your Blog Content

How to add Schema Markup to your Blog Content

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What is Schema, and why should I bother with it? I’m already blogging….what more do you want from me?!” Having structured data is an integral part of a robust on-page optimization strategy, which is one of the pillars of an SEO strategy. While many of the tried and true on-page […]

How Has The Internet Changed Education? [Infographic]

How Has the Internet Changed Education

If you want evidence of the way the internet is pervading every aspect of our lives, you need look no further than its effect on education. The internet and social media have dramatically changed both teaching and learning. In fact, most students’ (an incredible 93 percent) first instinct when confronted with a research problem is […]

How To Create Killer Pinterest Graphics With PowerPoint

Tips for Using PowerPoint to Create Pinterest Graphics

I initially had some hesitation to join Pinterest in 2010. It was an invitation-only site back then, and I didn’t really see the value in maintaining another “social network” in addition to Facebook, Twitter and, later, Google+. But Pinterest can be a great way to drive relevant traffic and prospective customers to your website, and […]

Small Business Social Media 101: How To Get Started

Small Buisness Social Media 101 How To Get Started.fw

Are you a small business owner that is currently not using social media effectively to market your business? You’re not alone. A whopping 76% of small business owners are not using social media, according to this study. That’s an unfortunate statistic because small businesses have a huge opportunity to retain customers and build relationships with […]