10 Keys To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

10 Keys to a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you have probably heard a lot of talk about the idea of content marketing. While content marketing is not necessarily a new marketing concept, large and small businesses alike are beefing up their content marketing budgets in an effort to attract new […]

Beyond Blogs: Inject Variety Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Diversify your Content Marketing Strategy

The SEO industry is (finally) getting the message that making content user-centric rather than focusing so heavily on outdated, over-optimized practices is the path to better rankings, more traffic and more customers. It’s not enough just to focus on onsite optimization anymore, and content marketing (whichever of the competing definitions of that term you use) […]

The Making of SEO.com – A New Hope

The Making of SEOcom A New Hope

Do you ever feel like you need Jedi powers to get your website to rank? If Google is the empire, I’m going to peg Larry Page as Emperor Palpatine and Sergey Brin as Darth Vader, based on Page pulling ever so slightly ahead of Brin in Forbes March billionaire listing. They’re already trying to turn us into […]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Quora

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Quora.fw

If you’re looking for a platform that will help broaden your online visibility, Quora is a great place to invest some time. Quora is a Q&A community that’s highly underrated and underused in my opinion. This platform is all about building your authority on a specific topic and building relationships by answering questions with people […]

4 ‘Easter Eggs’ To Find Across Google

Google Easter Eggs

Before we get started with a few Easter eggs; for those not familiar with Google’s tradition of intentional technological blunders, an Easter egg is a feature  hidden within software, which is sometimes publicized and other times left widely unknown for users to stumble upon like cattle over a cattle guard. Sometimes an Easter egg represents […]

The March Madness Guide To SEO

The March Madness Guide to SEO

Have you ever wondered what makes a basketball team work well? Is it the one superstar? How about the role players helping out? What about the leadership of a great coach? My opinion is all of the above. Now, what makes a great SEO team? Is it the agency you choose, or is it the […]

Google Reader is DEAD! #BooHoo: Get Over It!

google reader is dead

Does the loss of Google Reader mean the world is ending for people of the internets? As you all know by now, Google’s popular RSS reader (or shall I say not as popular as Google would like it to be) is getting beheaded on July 1st. The service will no longer exist, it’s going be-bye, […]

Advice For Businesses Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

How to Handle Negative Business Reviews Online

This is a hypothetical story about Buddy, owner of BuddysFantasticLawnSprinklers.com. Buddy has done everything he can to build a legitimate business. He relies on his superior customer service, transparency and good products to cultivate a stellar reputation in the community. He attends trade shows, seminars, meetups, and actively participates in online conversations through social media […]