Report Shows Mobile To Drive Third Of Paid Search Clicks By End Of 2013

Mobile Search Gaining Momentum

A new report forecasts one-third of paid search clicks in the U.S. will come from mobile devices by the end of 2013. The research comes from Marin Software, which analyzed paid search campaigns across 2-thousand brands from around the globe, and focussed on mobile. “Marketing funnels in textbooks look very different. In the real world, […]

The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In – Part III

The state of seo the experts weigh in part 3

In this 3-part blog series about the state of SEO, I set out to depict what real SEO is. What strategies and aspects of SEO are important to your overall inbound strategy? Which tactics are outdated? How has SEO changed? And lastly, what will continue to be more important as the state of SEO evolves? […]

The Developer’s Guide To Optimizing A WordPress Site

How to Optimize A WordPress Site

Website performance matters not only in providing a good user experience but also in the world of SEO. Every aspect of an SEO campaign should be considered, and site performance is an integral part of success. WordPress has a number of pieces that must all work together in order to provide a great user experience, […]

On-Page SEO: Past, Present & Future

On-Page SEO Past Present & Future

On-page SEO has become an even bigger ranking factor since the first Panda update that was launched back on February 23, 2011. Since then, there have been twenty four known Panda updates or versions that have rolled out. Each update has the same purpose which, according to Google, is “to give people the most relevant […]

The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In- Part II

The State of SEO The Experts Weigh In- Part 2

What do you think when you hear the acronym, “SEO”? Do you think something like “rank higher in Google”? Or maybe you’re one of those industry people who thinks, “inbound marketing strategy.” I am fully aware that there are still people out there who have no clue what SEO means, as I constantly have to […]

Changes To Google+ Profiles Rolling Out

Changes to Google+ Profiles Rolling Out

A new design for Google+ profiles is rolling out this week, including changes to the tabs, new cover photo dimensions, and a new layout for the “About” section. According to Google+ Project Manager Sara McKinley, the changes are in response to feedback they have received, and most of the updates will be rolling out gradually. […]

5 Ways To Build Your Google Author Rank Right Now

How to Build Your Google Author Rank

Search engine optimization has always had an aire of mysticism around it, fueled by theories, tests and results. As an SEO consultant, I read a lot of industry blogs like Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Watch and Raven Tools, among others. I also like to keep my ear to the street, so I subscribe to […]

71 Chrome Extensions for Blogging & SEO

71 Chrome Extensions for Blogging & SEO

Editor’s note: This post is an oldie, but a goodie. It was originally published March 2010 and it warranted an update. Do you have any favorite Chrome extensions for search engine optimization or blogging? Share in the comments below! *** I’ve converted, but my first experience with Google Chrome occurred in 2009 and it was […]

Navigate the Great Google Sea with Power Searching

Navigate the Great Google Sea with Power Searching

Many SEOs have logged an untold amount of time and energy adrift in The Great Google Sea–lost in a wake of mediocre results. Good news, you don’t have to be Garrett McNamara to surf like a boss. Google created power searching tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for in the least […]