How the US Census Bureau and Google Are the Same

Have you received the Census Bureau Questionnaire? If not, you have a treat in store. At least 5 pages of detailed personal information must be completed for at least 6 of the people living in your home, if you have that many. And don’t think you can get away with skipping it or throwing it […]

What I Wish DMOZ Was Like

If you can guess what the following terms all have in common, I’ll give you $25 via Paypal, no questions asked. Just leave your comment at the end of this post. This is not open to current employees of Here they go: SEO, Jobs, Careers, Linkbuilding (I’ll tell you the answer in my next […]

Top 8 WordPress Plugins Used by

I know all of you fans out there are wondering “what are the most important plugins that I can use on my WordPress blog for SEO”? Well, I’ve decided to unveil our secret stash of the best WordPress plugins for SEO because this is the year of sharing. And also I’d like to see […]

The Value of Deep Linking

The question I would like to answer today is: ‘How valuable is it to build links to your sites deep pages?’ The whole issue could be summed up with 1 one sentence: It is VERY valuable to build links to deep pages on your site. Let’s explore why. Think of your site as a large […]

What Aretha Franklin Teaches About Mommy Bloggers: Part 1

Video thumbnail for youtube video What Aretha Franklin Teaches About Mommy Bloggers: Part 1 -

Based off of my last blog post, this is an extension and expansion of the amazingly under appreciated and little-known world of the ‘mommy blogger’. Having literally stumbled upon a group of women who have blog followers in the millions, I was astounded to find that they are not at all the stereotypical mommies that […]

How To Give Away Stuff And Make Money Doing It

This post is about how to leverage social media to get tons of links and buzz about your product or service. As an example of one of the best ways to do this, let’s talk about Mac & Cheese, you know, from Kraft. I recently saw a contest where Kraft was giving away a years supply […]