The Best April Fools Jokes Ever

I usually get into the office earlier than a lot of people, which gave me ample opportunity today to turn my devious mind to the task of making some people’s April Fool’s day into a memorable occasion. First, I recruited some of the other early risers and we put clear tape over all the optical […]

Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

Again I come to you with an offering of sweet tips on getting links to your site as well as promoting your business.  My platform today is Facebook.  I seem to spend a lot of time on that site, because they have everything I need in a social network: Video, Audio, Images, Apps, Games, links, […]

Six Great Sources for Local Links

I found six websites that allow you to enter business information or claim your listing, along with a link to your website. One thing to be very careful about, don’t rate yourself.  Get one of your customers (or worst case your mom or friends) to give you a star, or write a review. These reviews are […]

Using LinkedIn For SEO

As you navigate the complex world of social media, no doubt you have come across profiles that look like this: This person’s profile has the bare minimum of information, and is essentially a wasted effort on this guy’s part.  So why is it important to optimize your LinkedIn Profile? Your profile can be an excellent […]

"Surf Here" and Other Calls to Action

For years, surfing the internet has been less about finding the right wave, and more about braving an unforgiving storm for the perfect ride.  The old days of casually surfing from one wave of information to another in a state of quasi-spiritual exploration are largely gone.  They have vanished like the unpromising contents of my […]

On Site Search SEO Tip #2

After a tremendous response from my last post about on site search (5 comments, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!) I felt compelled to write you another post, going into how your on site search can be CRITICAL to your website. For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to assume you have a WordPress […]

On Site Search SEO Tip #1

A major item that a lot of sites overlook and a lot of SEO’s don’t really understand is the “site search” function on a site. I’m going to give you a scenario that three of our clients have faced, with similar results. Let’s say you own a real estate site with information being pulled from […]

Internet Reputation Management

Reputation management can be quite expensive and time consuming–especially if you’re not clear on what your objectives are. Some companies just want negative comments and sites to drop out of the top 20 Google search results. Some companies want to monitor all of the conversations taking place in the World Wide Web (er, I mean […]