What Is Going On In The SERPs?

What is going on in the SERPS

The SERPs Are Serving Up Interesting Results I was doing some research on fitness the other day and got some really shocking search engine result pages (SERPs). After doing a search on “hiit workouts,” I saw the following universal search result. At first glance, there‘s nothing too interesting about it.  So I quickly scanned down […]

10 Ways to Maximize Your SEO Budget

10 Ways to Maximize Your SEO Budget

After a number of years working at an SEO services agency I have monitored, worked on, analyzed, and overseen many projects across nearly as many industries. Some of these projects were successful beyond both the clients’ and our expectations while others struggled to climb the in rankings. I have been very careful to note the similarities […]

Sitemaps and SEO

Often times when I visit the mall, I have the same experience. I park my car next to a store with an exterior exit. That’s important for me because I need to find my car when I am finished shopping. Once I enter the mall, I wander around looking for a map. Usually the malls […]

Hyphens or Underscores in URLs

In my last post, I wrote about using keywords in your domain.  If you have already chosen a domain, you can still benefit by naming your deeper pages with keywords. When placing keywords in the URL you can use hypens or underscores. In the past, the hyphen has been recommended, but opinions vary on which is […]

Keywords and Domains

Not too long ago, Dustin wrote a post about the importance of selecting a strong domain name and a few tips to help you come up with good domain names. I recently came across a great example of how much added value having keywords in your URL can bring to your SEO efforts. I have […]