Five Content Marketing Metrics You Don’t Know But Should


On September 24th I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by David Malmborg from Right Intel. We discussed five important data points that are really good leading indicators of your eventual success (or unfortunate misfires) in content marketing. These are important metrics, but too many companies don’t pay any attention to them. First off, […]

31 Must-Read SEO Experiments and Test Findings

31 Must-Read SEO Experiments and Test Findings

Testing And Experimenting Is (Or At Least Should Be) The Backbone Of Any SEO Strategy. Most professional SEO companies and experts routinely conduct formal and informal SEO experiments, some of which are generously posted online for education and calibration purposes. At, we encourage our employees to build and monetize personal websites when they’re not […]

Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization Webinar Recap

Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization Webinar Recap

Thanks to everyone that attended the Google analytics webinar last week! It was filled with some great questions and discussion. Specifically, we talked about actionable ways to use Google Analytics to measure and improve conversion rates. I stuck to the topic of analytics, and didn’t talk about any of the usual CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) topics, […]

How to Recover from the Penguin Webspam Update: Tips from SMX Toronto

How to Recover From the Penguin Webspam Update - Tips from SMX Toronto

SMX Toronto was full of a lot of great information. I found that most sessions had at least one presentation that rivaled SMX Advanced conferences I’ve attended in the past, both in speaker quality and in content. In all sessions, every speaker hit it out of the park. My favorite session was the day after […]

Tutorial: How to Get Google Webmaster Tools Data on Windows With Python

Tutorial: How to Get Google Webmaster Tools Data on Windows With Python

The Search Query report in Google Webmaster tools is more important than ever, with the ominous (not provided) mask hiding 25%-40% of referring keyword traffic in Google Analytics. Google recently made WMT data available through an open source Python Library, making it easy to transfer that data straight into Google Docs or to your desktop, […]

Review: Top 3 SEO WordPress Plugins

  “What’s the best WordPress SEO plugin?” I’m asked that question all the time, and recently took part in a debate discussing which plugin is best. I decided to draft a features list comparing the top three most downloaded SEO plugins to get a better picture of what each plugin has to offer, et voilà! […]

Proving the Value of SEO [Slide Deck]

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar this morning! As promised: here is my slide deck. If you have any questions from the webinar or regarding the slide deck, shoot away on Twitter or in the comments below! Proving the Value of SEO View more presentations from Short Summary In this webinar, I talk […]

2 New Google Analytics Reports for SEO

Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

I love tools that provide increased clarity in organic search campaign performance, and I also love finding new ways to use data to report the value of organic search to clients more clearly and precisely. The GA team has been busy rolling out fancy new reports and features all summer, and two of them in […]