Blogging for Business Conference in June

The Blogging for Business Conference will be Friday, June 6th in Salt Lake City. They’ve got a great lineup of speakers coming in to talk about how businesses can join the conversation and be heard in the current (and future) consumer focused media world. Speakers include: Brian Critchfield Charlie Craine Christopher Barger Cydni Tetro Dave […]

Recession-Proof Marketing Tips

Many economists think we are already n the middle of a recession, or we’re quickly heading into one. I’m no economist, but it’s obvious that things are definitely tightening up. Gas prices are sky high. The housing crisis and credit crunch have people worried. Many companies are cutting back on their marketing spending, just as […]

Matt Cutts Does Domain Roundtable

Matt Cutts made an appearance today at the Domain Roundtable conference. Matt started things off with a few introductory comments, then spent most of the time answering questions from the audience and from questions that people sent in ahead of time. Here are the highlights of what he discussed: The primary litmus test for whether […]

7 Ways to Use Keyword Analytics to Your Advantage

You should be paying very close attention to which keywords are driving traffic to your site. If someone at your company isn’t digging into your keyword referral reports in your analytics tool, you are leaving money on the table. Here’s a list of seven ways to effectively leverage your keyword analytics (for both organic and […]

Raising the Google Generation

A recent conversation with my 4th grade daughter: “Dad, do you have Google Earth on your laptop?” “Sure, sweetie, why?…how do you know about Google Earth?” “We use it at school and I want to check some stuff out. Can I use it for a minute?” “O.k. Do you want me to help you with […]

2007 Holiday Shopping Season over $29 Billion

Comscore just announced that holiday spending topped $29, up 19 percent over 2006 numbers. The biggest single day of spending according to Comscore was Dec. 10 (Green Monday) – with $881 million in sales. Video games went berserk with 129% growth in sales over the previous year. Furniture grew 67% over 2006 and most other […]

SEO New Year's Resolutions

The new year is an exciting time–new plans, goals, dreams. Here are some new year’s resolutions related to search engine optimization and search marketing that you might want to incorporate to generate more business from search this year. This year I resolve to: Set specific search marketing goals and lay out a plan to achieve […] Arm & Leg Wrestling Championship

Congratulations to Jon, one of our SEO Specialists, who won the first ever arm and leg wrestling championship this afternoon. He was the undefeated, undisputed champion in right arm, and both legs. There are rumors that several losing players dispute the results citing possible use of performance enhancing substances. Honorary mention to Adam who […]