7 Steps to Writing Good SEO Website Copy that Humans Will Read

Today, there are really two purposes of website content: *To communicate with search engines *To communicate with website visitors The problem is, search engines and site visitors speak different languages. And that right there is the paradox. If you write it solely for the search engines, you may get better rankings but visitors will bounce […]

Quit Screwing Around, Punch Your Website Visitors in the Face

4 commonsense ways to sell more stuff on your website When people come to your site, they are looking for one thing, and one thing only. For us, our visitors are looking for one product: Top Search Engine Rankings. That’s really it. Sure, they might want top rankings to get more traffic, sales, or to […]

SEO.com Survives 2nd Whitewater Trip

Video thumbnail for youtube video SEO.com Survives 2nd Whitewater Trip - SEO.com

We brought about 40 people on our second annual rafting trip with Holiday Expeditions last month. Surprisingly, a bunch of SEO geeks survived a weekend together with thunderstorms, blazing sun, chocolate-milk water full of tree stumps and cacti, two nights camping, intense water fights, frogs in sleeping bags, hiking in Canyonlands National Park, noodling for […]

Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Enables Anyone to Offer SEO.com Services

SEO.com starts Internet marketing affiliate program to allow others to offer SEO.com services and make money by referring clients. SALT LAKE CITY – On the heels of forming a partnership with Boostability.com and launching SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses, SEO.com now offers an affiliate program. “There are a lot of small companies, entrepreneurs, […]

If Internet Marketing Was a Football Team: Position-by-Position Breakdown

College Football is back tonight with Utah vs. Pittsburgh. Other local games this weekend include BYU vs. Washington and Utah State vs. Oklahoma. Everything is right in the world again. In honor of college football’s return, here are the position-by-position starters if Internet marketing strategies made up a football team: Head Coach – Analytics and […]

SEO.com Launches Local Search Service with Boostability.com Partnership; on Track for Record Year

SEO.com teams up with Boostability.com to offer small and medium-sized businesses the services and technology to efficiently leverage local SEO services that drive top rankings, increase website traffic and significantly boosts sales. SALT LAKE CITY — Up until now, SEO.com’s clientele was mostly made up of larger corporations and businesses with a bigger marketing budget. […]

SEO.com Hosts UTC Industry Breakfast; Ancestry.com CEO to Speak

SEO.com is hosting the Utah Tech Council’s industry breakfast Thursday, July 29 from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at its corporate headquarters at 14870 Pony Express Road in Bluffdale. Tim Sullivan, president and CEO of Ancestry.com, will speak on “How to Execute a Big Idea.” He will tell the story of Ancestry.com’s experience of landing the […]

SEO.com and SEMPO Webinar: How to Perform a Technical Audit, July 22

We’re teaming up with Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) in a free webinar that will discuss how to tear apart a site and find common issues that are keeping it from ranking well. This webinar is about the nitty-gritty details, and will explore the key components of a Web page that search engines analyze […]