When Bing is More Important than Google

Sure, Google may account for 70% of all search traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s that high for your client and their target market. There are times when the search engine of choice for your customers will be Bing. A client asked if it would be worth investing time and focusing efforts on increasing their […]

What is the Panda Update? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”22069″] Initially the Panda update was called the farmer update by the search engine marketing industry because it seemed to be targeting content farms and low quality sites that were spamming the search results. It was originally launched in February 2011 and was credited with affecting up to 12% of all search results pages. […]

1,276 Reasons #Mozcation is Coming to SLC

Yo peeps, tweeps and fbeeps! SEOmoz is looking for a reason to come to Salt Lake. They’re calling it a #Mozcation. They are looking for the best place to go, but the obvious choice is SLC. I know it. I know you know it. Now we need to let SEOmoz know it. I have tapped […]

Content Farm Update Conspiracy?

Yesterday, Google launched the “farmer update,” an update to clean up spammy content farms from the SERPs. Content farms such as eHow, eZine, Mahalo are effected drastically in their rankings. Now let’s connect some dots! About.com is a content farm. About.com is not effected by farmer update (Not confirmed, just what I am seeing). About.com […]

Changing Landscape in Google’s SERPs May Indicate a Shift in Relevancy

During Pubcon last November, Matt Cutts asked in his keynote how many SEOs where focusing on the snippet found in the search results and doing Click-Through-Rate optimization. Not too many people raised their hand. Matt grinned and said something to the effect that CTR optimization might be worth looking at. Fact: Google’s search results are […]

Evidence Google is Ignoring the Title Tag

Video thumbnail for youtube video Evidence Google is Ignoring the Title Tag - SEO.com

_____ UPDATE _____ So it has been shown to me by my personal mentor, D-Patt, that Matt Cutts discusses this in a video a little while back. The last 30 Seconds of the video speaks to me (obviously), and I would assume to many, since I showed my examples to a number of people who […]

4 Reasons Why the 301 is a Must

Debate Follow-up: The Necessity of the 301 Thank you to everyone that participated in my debate. It’s always fun to have people discuss some of the basics. For those who missed the first post, here is the debate: Are 301 redirects of the non-www version of the site needed, or still considered best practice? If […]