5 Easy Ways to Confirm an Ad Agency Really Knows SEO

The Truth The truth of the matter is that most ad agencies only added SEO as a service because they were forced to by their demanding clientele. Most traditional agencies are not equipped with the tools and experience to successfully implement a good SEO campaign. Digital marketing, whether it be SEO, PPC, CRO or Social […]

Bascom Declares U.S Senate Candidacy for 2010

Successful Business Leader Wants to Take his Skills to Washington SALT LAKE CITY, April 1 — David Bascom, CEO of the well-established and fast growing internet marketing firm, SEO.com, will officially announce his intent to run for the Utah Senate chair currently held by U.S. Senator Bob Bennett. This seat is already in high demand […]

2010 Online Predictions – Part 2: Social Media

Disclaimer: these predictions are not entirely the belief of SEO.com as an organization, or the people that work for SEO.com. These predictions are speculated and completely FUN, and more importantly, if you look hard enough between the lines, you’ll find some good “nuggets” for the upcoming year’s social media strategy. Feel free to view Part […]

2010 Online Predictions – Part 1: Search Engines

I love looking forward to the upcoming year, and trying to guess what this New Year may bring. For this reason I have decided to write a few “fun” posts on 2010 predictions in two areas: search engines, and social media. Already there have been strong and well-researched predictions from industry leaders like Rand Fishkin. […]

Coming in For a Landing (Page)

There are many different types of online marketing strategies available. Two of the highest-impact options in the Marketing Manager’s arsenal are SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). These two channels share many similarities. Ultimately, you are trying to obtain a link to your site in the search results for increased click-through. Unfortunately, many companies are so concerned […]

When Starting a Blog…

When we first get a client at SEO.com, one of the first things we check during our intake process is the client’s blog. Many of our clients come to us without a blog, and those that previously had one rarely use it. We often suggest adding a blog and using it as a marketing tool for the […]

There’s Traffic then There’s TRAFFIC

Sure, your website has traffic, but is it the right traffic? Are the people frequenting your website finding the information they want? Many times, website owners are so concerned with the number of visitors, they lose track of what those visitors are doing, or even if they are the right type of visitors. So ask […]