Still a Young Company,, an Internet Marketing Firm, Is One of The Fastest Growing Businesses in Utah

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum on Thursday recognized Bluffdale-based as the third fastest growing company in Utah that is younger than 5 years old. In last year’s Top 25 Under 5 Awards, placed fifth. Founded in 2007, this is the last year the company qualifies for the prestigious list. “We’re so excited to […]

Google Panda Update Up Close [Infographic]

Google Panda Update Up Close Featured Image

Google’s Panda Updates are designed to penalize sites with weak content and to reward sites with quality content. Each of the 14 Panda Updates is an attempt to refine Google’s search engine results for the better. Google has around 46 Billion pages currently indexed and more than 80% of penalized websites are still struggling to […]

The Link —’s Newsletter June 2012


Pandas, Penguins and Predictions Given the guarantee that Google will continually tweak their algorithms, the best way to handle potential impacts is to prepare. Being proactive and anticipating Google’s next move helps protect rankings and your online presence. Here are some things we believe will become the central focus of future algorithm updates, how they […] Has Advice For Business Owners Struggling To Recover From Latest Google Changes

Following recent attempts by Google to improve online search results for consumers, warned businesspeople this week that it is now more important than ever to understand how to strengthen Internet marketing efforts without offending the search engines. Google penalized those who used aggressive search engine optimization tactics to improve where their websites ranked in […]

4th Annual Jell-O Snarf Crowns New Champion [Video]

4th Annual Jell-O Snarf Crowns New Champion

Today was the 4th annual Jell-O Snarfing contest Last years champion, Greg Bay, ,decided to go on vacation rather than stay and defend the title he has held for the last 2 years. (Shame on him) But this year was a very exciting event, as well as disgusting. While some came to compete, others […]

With Today’s IPO, Will May 18, 2012 Now Be Known As Facebook Day?

Will May 18, 2012 Now Be Known As Facebook Day

Facebook… love the social network or hate it, finally went public today. Many investors are running wild to get their hands on some of the newly minted shares of the social media behemoth. Shares were set to open up at $38 a share, and according to CNN, the stock started trading at $42.05 when the stock began […]

The Link —’s May Newsletter

Google The Social Empire - Newsletter May 2012

Not too long ago, the Internet was all about autonomy. If you were looking for something specific, you would go to a search engine, plug in your search term, find the answer, and move along. Back then, the results you found online were strictly based on your search terms and the algorithms of the major […]

Reasons To Redesign Your Website – Infographic

Reasons To Redesign Your Website

In the last 12 months, nearly 70% of marketers redesigned their websites to modernize its appearance and bring it in line with their branding efforts or to optimize for better lead generation. Modern design elements and an intuitive navigation structure can have a large impact on how customers view your company, so it is extremely […]