Transformers of SEO Part 2: The Decepticons

Thanks to a couple of comments from Princess Zelda and Dan Schulz on my previous post about Transformers of SEO, I have had some inspiration to write a follow up to it. This follow up will compare some of the current blackhat SEO strategies to the Decepticons.

So Many Keywords So Little Time

Keyword research is a critical part of an SEO campaign and is a decisive factor in whether or not the campaign will succeed. It is important that it is done at the very beginning and is not rushed. After all, the goal is to not only rank well for many search terms but to also […]

When Can I Stop My SEO Campaign?

Perhaps you are running an SEO campaign right now or are considering starting one. The one question that keeps coming to your mind is, “When can I stop my SEO campaign?” After spending nine months or more on SEO and having achieved top rankings for many targeted terms, the idea of investing time and money […]

SEO Step 1: A Great Domain Name

There have been many discussions about what part of site optimization has the greatest effect on rankings. In the forums at and other various forums, I have seen multiple threads about what elements have the most weight in the algorithm. Many people say that the title tag has the most weight, and I do […]

The Great Directory Debate

While participating in discussions in various webmaster forums, including our own SEO forums, I have voiced my opinion on the value of directory links. The debate is about how valuable directory links are since Google cracked down on buying links for the purpose of inflating a website’s link popularity. So, is it even worth the […]