How do I get my Site Indexed in Google?

So you have put together a website and have it published on the web. All the content is in place and all your site’s functionality is working properly. What comes next? This question can be answered by answering another question I have seen several times on the forums at and other forums that I […]

Is Trump Tower Philadelphia SEO Friendly?

Today I would like to look at SEO in the eyes of a web designer. Before becoming a full-time SEO specialist I studied web design and worked on designing professional websites. Since those days, and after many years of experience with search engine optimization, I find myself looking at websites from an SEO point of […]

What about Squidoo?

I had the opportunity to attend PubCon in Las Vegas and I am glad I did. I learned some cool things about SEO and various aspects of search marketing. While I was attending several of the sessions, I heard different social networks mentioned as places that were good for marketing on the internet. Some of […] Closes and Shut Downs Forum is pleased to announce a new forum now available to the public. The forum is still very bare with very few posts but we anticipate that it will start filling up quickly. Visitors may join up and post questions they have concerning any topics relating to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. If […]

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Having been in this industry for many years now I have learned that the internet marketing industry is always changing and it is virtually impossible to know everything about search engine optimization (SEO). Technology is always advancing, search engines are always updating their algorithms and an SEO specialist has to constantly being studying to stay […]