Does Your Website Deserve to be Ranked?

3 clues of what your site may be missing. I have a buddy who once had a crush on a girl friend of mine. But in all honesty, he simply did not deserve her due to some bad decisions and a rough personal history. So I found myself trying to explain to him that to […]

Absolute URLs – Better Safe Than Sorry?

The URL discussion has been absolutely beaten to a pulp regarding best practices for SEO and you will get varying opinions from different SEO companies. Are absolute URLs better for SEO than relative URLs? What is all the fuss about? I will get straight to the point. Relative URLs carry the same effectiveness as absolute […]

Who is John Galt? I mean, who is Matt Cutts?

When first introduced to the world of SEO, I began scouring the Internet for information to become familiar with current topics and ideas. I had a lot of questions. Some were impractical and merely amusing, like: “Is there an SEO God and do they really care about my PageRank?” “Why do bad rankings happen to […]

SEO and CSS: The Beauty, the Beast, and the Overweight

Looks can be deceiving. Have you ever seen a movie with a beautiful woman who turns out to be a less than beautiful on the inside? Something can look gorgeous on the surface, but underneath lies a complete mess. Websites are no different. How many websites visually display a superficial Hollywood makeover, but hide an absolute train wreck of […]