Speaking at PageRank's Funeral

I came back last week from a relaxing vacation and found an email in my inbox sporting the following title: “PageRank is Dead.” Upon reading the title, my mind went blank, closing up in an effort to prevent shock. Was this possible? The Death of PageRank? I tried to remember the predetermined events of the […]

4 New Search Engines To Keep An Eye On (Or Risk Annihilation)

Are Search Engines the Beginning of the End? When fiction looks to the future, humans always seem to find a way to engineer their own demise. Particularly, pop culture is rife with plotlines centering around a complex system designed to serve our interests with access to unlimited information, deciding to purge, manipulate, subjugate or otherwise […]

The "How SEOed are You?" Quiz

Inspired by the popularity of all those “entertaining” and “highly informative” (read also: “turgid” and “loathsome”) quizzes that have spread across Facebook like fire on the savanna, and that tell me so very much about my friends and myself, I have created this quiz that asks, “How SEOed is Your Site?” It has a series […]

Re-Enter: The Competitive Analysis!

When I was in middle-school, comic books were AWESOME.  Looking back, I notice now that in nearly every comic book, eventually there was the villain that could take everybody’s powers and use them as his or her own.  The uncanny X-Men battled the aptly-named Mimic; the Avengers and the Fantastic Four both took a shot […]