Seven Chrome Extensions (and One Request) for Google Plus


Unless you’ve spent the last week hiking in the Yukon, and your smart phone was eaten by a polar bear, you’ve probably heard Google+ is here. Aside from joining and spending considerable time organizing my circles, I’ve noticed some shortcomings with the site. Luckily, others have noticed these too, and created Chrome extensions to fix […]

Using Articles for Link Building

There are several ways to obtain links on the Internet, through numerous different types of web pages. Some techniques to increase page ranking are difficult, while others are very simple. I would like to review a method for obtaining links that I would say is somewhere in the middle on the toughness scale, but if […]

Removing a Ban from Google

Banned from Google? Ouch. Anyone who’s been banned from Google before knows that it’s not a fun ordeal. As of June 22, 2009, a report shows that is used for around 90% of all searches done on the internet (worldwide). And with the next closest search engines in the running being 85 points away […]

Internal Links – Telling Google How to See Your World

A recent episode of “30 Rock” actually inspired this blog post. In this particular episode, Kenneth (a character centered on the innocence of a child, working at a big corporation) is talking with Jack Donaghy (the boss) about different birthday presents they received throughout their life. Jack says “Kenneth, I wonder what it’s like seeing […]

SEO – The Recession-Proof Investment

With the current tough times in the market, keeping your business “out of the red” takes smart, informed financial decisions. For example, many items these days are marked down in an effort to move them quicker during the recession, which makes now a great time to stock up your inventory at a cheap price. Another […]