Google – Getting Into The 2012 Election


Google is moving into the political scene.  They’ve launched a Google+ Page to focus on politics and elections, they’re blogging about election issues, posting the candidate’s videos, and they put together a trend center which allows you to track all sorts of data.   You’d think they are wanting to influence and “lobby” congress, but […]

Do You Use Data Providers To Boost Your Local Search Results?

Having your business rank in local search results can get complicated, especially if the local review sites don’t have your correct business address. Correlating the right business address online is super important in order to rank in local search results. Logging into each local review site individually and correcting your business address manually may seem […]

The Facebook God is Coming to Utah

How is social media impacting your SEO rankings? If you live in Utah, your chance to personally ask Mark Zuckerberg has arrived. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is coming to BYU with Senator Orrin Hatch. While some BYU students hope he’s coming to cheer on rising star Jimmer Fredette, he’s really coming to discuss technology issues […]