Number One is Money — How to Prove It

One question I frequently get from people is, “how much traffic can we expect if we are in the #1 one position vs positions 2, 3, and so on?” Is the amount of traffic you will get in the #1 position really worth the effort and cost? The answer to this question is yes, it […]

Battling the Ranking Confusion of Personalized Search

Checking your rankings every day is a love-hate relationship. You love it because after months of hard work you wake up one morning and finally see yourself in a top position. You hate it, however, because Google’s personalized search results may mean the rest of the world might not see you in that top position. […]

Getting a New Site Indexed Quickly

So you’ve decided to start a website. You’ve done the research and have selected the best domain to help you rank well in the search engines. You know exactly what purpose your site will serve and have everything planned out. I have been in this position many times and always get excited to see how […]

What's In a Domain?

This post is for those who are thinking about buying a domain to use as the web address for their site. In my opinion, the name of the domain is one of the most important decisions you can make for your website, especially if you plan on doing any search engine optimization. Not only is […]

The Hunt for the SEO Sasquatch

Recently, some of us at the office have been discussing one of the most popular American folklores of all time, the legend of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In fact, there was a recent headline in the news about a famous Bigfoot hunter who claimed he found an actual Sasquatch carcass in the backwoods of Georgia. The […]

Link Building – Finding the Right Site

Link building can be one of the most difficult parts of SEO, and unfortunately, it’s practically half of what SEO is about. There are many different techniques to building good, quality links. I’m not going to talk about getting links naturally through link baiting, I want to talk about recognizing willing websites to request links […]

SEO Fail!

There are many interpretations for SEO on-site and off-site optimization best practices. Hopefully, most webmasters understand the importance of SEO, and have implemented the basic elements necessary for a website to obtain visibility on the internet. While real success in search engine optimization usually requires the assistance of a professional SEO or SEO company, there […]

Benefits of Writing Articles

The internet is the most widely used source for sharing and gathering information. If there is a fact or opinion about anything, there is a good chance you can find it online. There are many individuals who share their time and knowledge to provide these facts and their professional opinions.  Writing articles and posting them […]