Beyond Blogs: Inject Variety Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Diversify your Content Marketing Strategy

The SEO industry is (finally) getting the message that making content user-centric rather than focusing so heavily on outdated, over-optimized practices is the path to better rankings, more traffic and more customers. It’s not enough just to focus on onsite optimization anymore, and content marketing (whichever of the competing definitions of that term you use) […]

5 Step Guide To Set Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013

5 Step Guide To Set up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013

The online marketing world is undergoing a pretty big shift, one that was initiated a few years ago but kicked into high gear in 2012. It’s a content revolution that marketers and writers like me are simultaneously thrilled and scared about. We’re in the middle of a content marketing renaissance (if I can call it […]

Quality Guest Blogging: Red Flags that Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

QUALITY GUEST BLOGGING Red Flags that Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

High-quality content is involved in generating so many of the signals that tell search engines your site is worth paying attention to. And even ugly competitor’s sites might outperform yours if they publish readable, sought-after content and you aren’t taking editorial control of what gets published on your blog. Accepting guest blog content has its […]

Why your bad research is killing your SEO


All marketing rises and falls on your ability to recognize your audience and speak directly to them. Yet all too many advertising campaigns fail to do one or both of these things, and it’s really easy to miss the mark with SEO if you don’t do your homework about your customer demographics before you start […]

3 Reasons To Get Your In-House Experts Blogging Right Now

3 Reasons to Get Your In-House Experts Blogging Right Now

At, our Holy Grail of content marketing is to get our clients to actually start blogging. See, it’s our clients who are the true experts on their industry, and the content they write themselves is often the most relevant and likely to attract readers, who then convert to customers. But our clients are very […]

Infographics vs. Infocrapics: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Infographics vs. Infocrapics The Good The Bad The Ugly

Once upon a time, before online marketers seized upon them as vehicles for SEO and viral marketing campaigns, infographics were actually data visualization tools (Crazy, right?). It’s time to get back to those roots, as evidenced by the really bad infographics out there that could be fixed by following some simple principles in research and […]

Craving Brains: How Not To Be a Zombie Writer

Craving Brains - How Not To Be a Zombie Writer

Mindless zombies are wandering the Internet, writing blog posts. (I know, I know! “Boo! Zombies are everyone’s metaphor for everything now!” Don’t care. Zombies rule.). They’re clumsily marching out hordes of Top 5 articles, an avalanche of How-to posts and a veritable sea of bulleted lists. No one will read these zombie blogs, and they wouldn’t get […]