Online vs. Industry Competitors: How To Evaluate Them

Online vs. Industry Competitors How To Evaluate Them

One of the most common questions that come up at the beginning of an SEO campaign, when we outline to a client which keywords have been selected and which competitors have been assessed in approaching that selection is: These aren’t my competitors. This website doesn’t even sell the exact same product/service as us. Why were these chosen […]

4 Tenets Your Social Media Should Live By

4 Tenets Your Social Media Should Live By

Frequently clients ask the question: How do we effectively manage our social media? I would like to propose 4 steadfast rules to managing your social media here. 1. Establish Yourself Without a well branded and comprehensive social profile for your business on each network, you have not yet established yourself as a qualifying entity there. […]

Explode Your Keyword List Right – Part 4

This last post of the series is one targeted toward SEO campaigns so large that maintaining, monitoring and collectively progressing them on a keyword level can feel like you’re trying to push a beached whale. In any enterprise campaign, the achilles heel is almost always a lack of organization. With organization will come clarity in […]

Explode Your Keyword List Right – Part 3

For today’s keyword expansion process we will again be using Google Webmaster Tools. The idea will be the marrying of two keyword reports provided within the tool: top queries and top relevant phrases. When going through this process, it is essential you have a specific focus in mind. For instance, if you were looking to […]

Explode Your Keyword List Right – Part 2

Whatever your source for data, the healthier the amount the better. In our first post we looked to Google Webmaster Tools for our source to build from. Today we’ll use Google Analytics. Our goal will be to quickly identify long tail clusters of value. Referring Keywords If you are doing SEO right, your link building, […]

Explode Your Keyword List Right – Part 1

So I started writing a post titled 4 Ways to a Worthwhile Keyword List and quickly realized it was far too lengthy. Thus, you are now embarking on post one of a four-part series. Each post will discuss different processes to locate valuable keywords and how to lay them out in a way that allows you […]

PubCon Key Takeaways – November 8, 2011

As Pubcon 2011 wraps up, it's difficult to reflect on the past 72 hours on so few hours of sleep. Last night, we attended Alan Bleiweiss' Epic Dinner with 120 attendees. It was fantastic. He did an incredible job. Afterward, we went to karaoke and watched several of our own rock the mic and the […]

4 SEO Personalities Essential to a Team

Everyone who has worked in a team environment has experienced the group of people that seems to jive so well and simply get things done. While there are certain skills that must be had in any team no matter the industry—like project management for instance—in SEO there are four who can take a team further […]

This Week in “Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions” video series

Hey followers! There are two basic forms of SEO. The first is commonly referred to as on page optimization. This will take into account the navigation, content use and placement, design and layout, URL structure, and meta data of the website. All of these elements and more influence how search engines interact with a […]