Google's +1 button and how it may change SEO

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Google has released a new +1 button similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, according to a Mashable post and a SearchEngineLand post. The new feature will allow Google users to, essentially, vote for pages and videos on the web and those votes will be displayed publicly. The new feature has not yet been released to all […]

12 More SEO Idiots (or Experts) to Avoid

A few months ago, I posted 7 SEO idiots and subsequently received myriad ideas for other SEO idiots. Below you’ll find 12 more SEO idiots with dialogue and oatmeal-like depictions. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas. For those ideas I’ve used, I’ve given the comment author a link. Poor Link Requester Three years ago, […]

7 SEO Idiots (I Mean ‘Experts’) to Avoid

Some of the SEO “experts” we encounter exhibit less than tasteful attributes. Having been inspired by The Oatmeal, I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating some of the bad SEO professionals. I understand that I might be slightly hypocritical in this post. I’ve found myself displaying some of the characteristics below. Revisiting the Idiots/Experts: It’s been […]

Visualize More Links and Traffic — Ranking the Best SEO Infographics

Creating and publishing infographics has become the new fad for attracting linkbait and traffic. In the last year, we’ve watched the craze for infographics skyrocket as can be seen by this screenshot from Google trends below for the keywords ‘infographic’ and ‘infographics.’ Not only have social media marketers taken up the infographic craze, but SEOs […]

Merging Flash with SEO


2008 was a bright year for Flash as Google and Adobe teamed up to provide flash indexing techniques for better search results. However, two years later and SEOs are still struggling to rank Flash sites high in search engines. Granted, we have lots of proof that search engines do index Flash text, images, and links. But […]

Really Getting to Know Your Target Market


It’s great to have so many wonderful tools to build sturdy marketing campaigns and evaluate the results, but they should never detract our attention on our end-user, the customer. Here is a bit of advice that was common knowledge before the internet, but is often forgotten now: Know your target market. It sounds like obvious […]

Stop that Bouncing!

I’m bouncing around the web again. I’ve been searching for the latest news on American Idol’s Adam Lambert and haven’t found a great deal of worthwhile information–at least information that encourages me to stay on the site for more than 30 seconds. If you’re regularly checking your website analytics, you’ve looked at your bounce rate. […]

A Match Made in Heaven: CSS & SEO

Believe it or not, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can make a tremendous difference to your website’s search engine rankings. Simply put, CSS simplifies the code on your website, making it more readable or “indexable” by search engine spiders. One example of “un-indexable” code is your site’s images. Search engine spiders are pretty smart, however, they […]

Is Your Content Link-Thirsty?

Lets face it. Link building is drab work. It’s the kind of work most of us like to hand off to the”‘next guy.” Nevertheless, I firmly advocate its role in Search Engine Optimization. Google’s key indicator of the “good,” “better,” and “best” websites depends on number of backlinks, and where those links are coming from. […]

Super Bowl-ing Online with SEO

Making the most of traditional advertising means transforming nacho eating, beer drinking, Super Bowl fans into online, active participants quickly. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even watch the game. But I did watch the Super Bowl ads online. And one thing was clear: Super Bowl ads are making more efforts to “pull” visitors to the […]