Webinar promises SEO probe

Watch as two search engine optimization experts size up a handful of websites during a live webinar Thursday morning. The free presentation will offer an inside look at ways SEO.com helps companies increase sales on the web by improving Internet search rankings. Those who register may submit their websites and two SEO directors will pick […]

The Link — SEO.com Launches Search for New Location

In its fifth year and with about 85 employees, SEO.com has outgrown its space in Bluffdale, Utah. The search engine optimization firm may move into a new building by fall. “We’ve started searching for an ideal location for our current and future employees,” SEO.com President Ash Buckles said. Buckles said he hopes to keep the […]

The History of Search [infographic]

From the beginning man has constantly been searching for something, whether it was cavemen searching for food and shelter, philosophers searching for the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (The answer is 42 by the way) or teenagers searching for their friends and favorite music. Searching has always been part […]

Heavy hitters will speak at Utah Leadercast

Mention SEO.com to receive a $25 discount The organizers of Utah Leadercast 2011 hope a journalist, CEO, college football coach and a best-selling author are enough to inspire new ideas in the minds of those who attend the event. “If you can’t get a new idea from this list, you’re comatose,” said Jeff McCauley, a […]

SEO.com employee dies after catching glimpse of Google algorithm

Video thumbnail for youtube video SEO.com employee dies after catching glimpse of Google algorithm - SEO.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2011 GOOGLEPLEX– An attempt by an SEO technician to obtain the coveted Google search algorithm has ended in tragedy. It is believed that John Cerchingin, a former SEO specialist at Utah-based SEO.com, died this week after catching a glimpse of the code. Cerchingin was pronounced dead at the scene. Obtaining […]

Jell-O champion claims victory again

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The competition this week was fierce at SEO.com’s third annual Jell-O snarfing contest. In the crowded break room, newcomers showed that a new breed of gluttonous snarfers might be on the rise. Rookies from the back shop forced seasoned competitors to the brink. In the end, defending champion Greg Bay, a search marketing specialist, ate […]

Interview With Danny Dover, Globetrotter, Writer, SEO

In the last four years, Danny Dover moved quickly through the ranks of one of the SEO industry’s most prestigious firms. He recently left his position at SEOmoz to become senior search engine optimization manager at AT&T, where his focus is organic SEO for Yellowpages.com. Dover’s first book hit shelves in March. Last week, the […]

Zuckerberg, conservative senator: an unlikely duo

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, made an unlikely duo. But the conservative senator insisted the two are friends. Though Zuckerberg is probably not a conservative, Hatch said that he convinced the social-networking mogul to make a rare appearance last week at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. “It was to get […]

Senator says Zuckerberg 'No. 1 attraction in the whole high tech world'

SEO.com caught up with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, backstage before he was scheduled to meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Friday morning. The senator offered some insight into the social-networking mogul’s psyche. “He’s very shy,” Hatch said. “But when he starts talking about the Internet and social networking he comes alive.” The stage was set […]

SEO Webinar Week Sneak Peek

Video thumbnail for youtube video SEO Webinar Week Sneak Peek - SEO.com

With the basketball tournament underway on the hardwood, experts at SEO.com are putting their finishing touches on March Madness of a different kind. During March Madness Webinar Week, prepare to be blown away by presentations from Greg Shuey, vice president of SEO.com, Claye Stokes, director of search engine optimization for SEO.com, Scott Cowley, the firm’s […]