So you think SEO is expensive?

Chatting with a search-marketing expert Using a search engine like Google or Yahoo is the most common way customers look for products online. Without effective search engine optimization, your business may get left behind. In a chat with SEO expert Dustin Williams, the recently promoted senior SEO analyst offered some tips for those hoping to […]

Four Tips to Effectively Manage Data in an SEO World

(Evan Kramer is a guest blogger for He has successfully launched consumer websites,,,, and He writes his own blog, The Chief Internet Officer. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and daughter. If you are also interested in guest blogging opportunities, e-mail marketing @ Guest […]

What's in a Name? The Process of Naming Your Business

The significance of the naming decision cannot be underestimated. Among the best remembered names are double entendres (phrases with double meanings) which are oft en whimsical. One meaning is pertinent to your industry or company, and the other meaning is often silly or otherwise memorable. It is also favorable if your name makes use of […]