What Is Duplicate Content? [Video FAQ]

What Is Duplicate Content - Video FAQ

Hi! I’m Stephanie Christensen with SEO.com and today we’re going to be discussing the frequently used SEO term, “duplicate content.” What Is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content is content that appears online in more than just one place. There can be many different types of duplicate content issues in the SEO world. Examples of this could […]

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines? [Video FAQ]

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines

Hi, my name is Stephanie Sampson (Christensen – I got married!)  and today I will be answering the common SEO question: Can SEO help remove negative listings from the search engines? Yes, SEO can assist in removing negative listings from search engines. Search engines are intentionally unbiased when they rank websites. Their main goal is […]

Do You Speak SEO? Ten Terms You Want to Know

Do You Speak SEO - Ten Terms You Want to Know

When asked what I do, I often will respond “I work in SEO,” or “I’m an Account Executive for an SEO agency”.  Other times, I find myself having to go into a longer, more detailed explanation, explaining “it means Search Engine Optimization. We get websites ranked higher in Google…” Or if there’s a very large […]

What is a Link Farm? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”21949″] A link farm is a website with a high number of links to different websites with no relevance or category logic, grouping, organization, or relevance to the domain name. If you land on a site and there are hundreds of links all over with many unrelated topics, you’ve probably landed on a link […]

SEO and PR — Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Search engine optimization and public relations need to become best friends. Why? Because SEO as we knew it two years ago is dead. As our approaches to link building are constantly evolving, a stronger tie between these two marketing fronts is being seen. With that said, let’s examine just how these two audience-building genres can […]

Back to Basics: Common Misconceptions About Online Marketing

You’re fired up. You’re a new business owner set with your latest idea (the best thing since sliced bread). You’re ready to jump into making your product or service respected and well known. How hard can it be? Well, there are millions of sites on the Internet and your competitors are working to rank higher […]