Modern Marketing In The Digital Age


  I recently came across this great infographic created by entitled “The Modern Marketer”.  This graphic shows how the modern marketer has to be multifaceted – half artist and half scientist. Gone are the Mad Men days of marketing where creativity was valued above all else. New technology offers modern marketers not only the […]

SEO & PPC: Working Together To Maximize Returns


SEO & PPC. Friends or foes? And which one really is more effective in an online marketing campaign? The truth is that they are not only friends but “coworkers” as well, and one is not necessarily more effective than the other. They serve different purposes but working together they create a synergy not possible as […]

5 Ways To Improve User Experience Through Better Anchor Text

5 Ways to Improve User Experience through Better Anchor Text

Back when we were blazing through the Internet over a phone line, it may have actually been helpful to include the phrase “click here” in our anchor text to help people understand they could actually click on the text and be directed to another page. However, that time has long since passed, and it is […]

10 Keys To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

10 Keys to a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you have probably heard a lot of talk about the idea of content marketing. While content marketing is not necessarily a new marketing concept, large and small businesses alike are beefing up their content marketing budgets in an effort to attract new […]

Juice Up Your SEO Campaign With Authoritative Directories

How to Juice Up your SEO Campaign with Authoritative Directories

When most people think of web directories these days, the first thing that comes to mind is low quality, spammy links that will never bring a single visitor to your site and may actually do more harm than good to your SEO campaign. While this is true for many web directories, there are actually still […]