Be Thankful

This time of year is when most people reflect on their lives, where they’re at and where they want to be in the future. It’s also a time to reflect on the good things in their lives. I thought of a list of SEO things to be thankful for. You know what SEO is! You’re […]

Marketing Team Players

I guess I really am getting old. I mean, I know I am because I work in an office where most of the people are about 15-20 years younger than me and I still use Alt-E-U to undo something in a document. Yeah, I’m old, and I’m OK with that because with age comes experience, […]

How to Take Your Keywords Global

When you have a large company, I mean large enough to be international, you need to have your website listed in different languages so that people across the globe can access it and then understand what your site is about. After all, you need to remove all the roadblocks you can for all your potential […]

Helping Flash Become SEO Friendly

Now that Adobe has made the modifications to Flash so that it will be indexable, and the search engines have begun to index Flash, does that mean you can just put any Flash piece up and it will be indexed without any problems? Not really, you still need to do a little extra work on […]