4 Simple Tactics For Increased Exposure On SlideShare


As more marketing moves from off-line to online distribution channels, there are a number of outlets that can help generate traffic to a company’s website and increase brand awareness. In order to get the most benefit from their online efforts, companies need to understand where their customers look for information about their services or products […]

On-Page SEO: Past, Present & Future

On-Page SEO Past Present & Future

On-page SEO has become an even bigger ranking factor since the first Panda update that was launched back on February 23, 2011. Since then, there have been twenty four known Panda updates or versions that have rolled out. Each update has the same purpose which, according to Google, is “to give people the most relevant […]

So You Want to Rank In Google?

Discussing SEO with clients is no easy task but educating them about what is required to get them rankings is extremely important in order to set the right expectations. Individuals working in SEO must understand how Google and other search engines crawl, index and rank websites to be able to educate the client accordingly. It […]

How Can I Track my SEO Rankings? [Video FAQ Series]

[jwplayer mediaid=”21824″] It can be difficult to track the exact position of keywords in Google since a number of things can affect the outcome. Personalized search, local results, and different data centers can all dramatically influence the rankings you see. Google’s algorithm changes more than 200 times a year, so rankings also fluctuate from week […]

Why Google Favors Keyword Rich Domains

You would think search engines are like an “equal opportunity employer.” That everyone has has the same chance to get ranked for certain keywords by taking advantage of on-page and off-page techniques, which include some of the following: Theoretically speaking, my competition could match my site in each of these categories. For example, if I […]

Keyword Research Tool Exposed: Bury the Competition

Since my last post was about using the best keyword research tools, I thought I would go into more detail about one of my favorite keyword research tools, Market Samurai, and how you can bury your competition by using it. Market Samurai uses Google’s API as its main source of keyword data, but it also […]

Top Keyword Research Tools

Conducting keyword research can be a bit of a challenge if you aren’t using the right tools. When you conduct a search for “keyword research tools,” you’ll come across so many choices it can be hard to choose just one. So what are some strong keyword research tools available today? I’ve come across a few […]

To Follow or to Nofollow…

Bloggers have been plagued with spam for as long as they have been around. But even before blogs, spammers were wreaking havoc for website owners. Many of you are familiar with the history before blogging; but for those of you who are not, here is a brief run down. Back in the early 2000’s, prior […]

The Search Engine World Series

I always look forward to opening day of the Major League Baseball season, and Sunday April 5th, it finally came. The Atlanta Braves traveled to Philadelphia to take on the reigning World Series champs, the Phillies, on their home turf. Feeling confident because of last year’s World Series victory, I’m sure the Phillies expected to […]