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Many companies regularly use humor in their marketing efforts.  Old Spice comes to mind, with their ridiculously funny spots featuring Isaiah Mustafa, and recently Fabio (although I’d contest the latter isn’t as funny as the originals were, but I digress…) Since Google dominates the search engine market in America, it’s a good bet that when they change up their home page with a doodle, or add a couple of Easter eggs in the mix, people will notice.

Even though these tricks provide no real value for web SEO, they’re fun to play around with, talk about, and especially blog about!



1. Google Gravity

A site created by web developer Ricardo Cabello.  At first glance, it looks like the familiar Google home page, but suddenly all the elements of the page fall down.

2. Google Sphere

Here’s another one from Cabello.  The Google logo and search bar are in the center of the page, and all the other elements are orbiting around them.

3. Google Klingon

Only a small fraction of uber-geeks will actually appreciate this version.  ghobe’ vetlh ‘ach jIH vIHHa’!

4. Google Pirate

Yarrrgh.  If ye be sailin’ across the spammy seas, yer best be speakin’ the Pirate.

5. Google Pacman

On May 21, 2003, a Google doodle was created for Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, changing the logo into a fully functional Pac-Man game.

6. Google Swedish Chef

Remember the Muppets character? 



7. ASCII Art

Basically text-based art, Google’s logo will change into a a graphic based on dashes and slashes.

8. Google Barrel Roll

Try not to get nauseous and puke on your screen.

9. Google Recursion

Here’s a fun one to try when you’re bored at your desk.  Search for “recursion”, and you’ll see “did you mean recursion?”

10. Google Tilt

You can either search for “tilt” or “askew.”

Other search engines have their tricks too.  Bing has animated backgrounds on their home page, and you can hover your mouse over certain spots to learn more about that particular image.  Their search box is pretty intuitive too.

What are some of your search tricks?

I’d love to hear other easter eggs that you’ve discovered!