1. Mary Grace Viado says

    I’m totally speechless with your post, Rebecca. I just can’t imagine how great a marketer you are given you have 2 years experience. To be able to come up with 101 list of insights for internet marketing with just 2 years experience, that’s just simply genius! Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

  2. Manoj says

    WOW! Thanks for sharing such a helpful and great tips. All points are necessary to achieve great and long lasting results in SEO.

  3. Michael Lysiak says

    I appreciate your 102 tips and I learned from them myself. I do have a question about why you think SEO, PR, and social media are becoming blurred?
    Thanks, Rebecca.

    • Rebecca Babicz says

      Thanks for the comment Michael! To answer your question the lines between SEO, PR and social media are becoming blurred for a few reasons. One online PR strategy to get publicity from a news organization, magazine or high quality blog site. This is also a lot of what we do as SEOs to acquire links and brand awareness for clients. Social media has become a tool that businesses can use to monitor their brand reputation, which could also be considered a PR tactic. Social media can also assist with SEO and is a great tool to bring visitors to your site. It’s best to take an integrated approach to internet marketing and understand how PR, SEO and social media can work together instead of being 3 separate things. I hope this answers your question!

  4. Haylee Cruz says

    Amazing post..
    Quite informative too, I didn’t know about “Quora”. All the points are so helpful thank you so much “Rebacca” for sharing this. I will definitely implement this suggestion in my projects.

  5. Jenny James says

    What things i have learned as an Internet Marketer is how to engage with people and how to bring the best out for the website assigned to me in terms of Traffic…

  6. Harold Compton says

    Great post and a handly list to keep handy and review from time to time. I agree with your comment about the lines becoming blurred. I would think it would all lump into a title of Internet Marketing. Everything we do in the social, SEO and SEM lines all are geared toward one thing; bringing in more customers for whatever our product or service is and that is marketing.

  7. Kaylee Kurbanali says

    very good post. really important for internet marketing. It can be a guide for both professional and newer.

  8. Sean Holland says

    Indeed a very good post, the author has included all the points in website marketing. It is good for newbies and experienced SEO marketers. :)

  9. Adam says

    This is a superb post.
    I wondered how many years it will take to really learn and post this.

    Social media is catching up and great content is always the way to rank well for the future.
    Google+ and Facebook is a great way to catch some traffic.

    Citation local address must be constant everywhere on the web.
    Try to get good review from existing customers and soon you will see your ranking going up.

  10. Cheyenne says

    Thank you for the post! You hit it right on the head, internet marketing is a quickly changing world. There are a lot of things that go into an effective internet marketing campaign. SEO, PPC, social media optimization, content development, web design, etc. All of these things change to rapidly, that it’s difficult for companies to stay on top of it while staying on top of their markets and companies as a whole. Thanks again!

  11. Julie Johnson says

    {#5: It’s not about how pretty your website looks; it’s about how well your website converts visitors to paying customers.}

    I am agree with you… but sometimes user spends more time on such good looking site. When someone lands on your website they already know what they are there for. It’s up to you to address this. The landing page should tell them everything you do with no scrolling! However, you should also not scare them away with an ugly, horrible, atrocious design. If your website is all about selling a product or multiple products, then your purpose is to make your visitors want to buy that product. Converting your traffic into sales is the most difficult piece of building your website and, in turn, its design.

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