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Have you ever done something before and immediately afterwards said to yourself: “NAILED IT!”? Have you ever made a game-winning shot and celebrated before the ball even hits the bottom of the net? What about successfully throwing the perfect bat flip before the ball is even over the fence? If you are picking up what I am dropping then you will love these tips for creating the best editorial calendar ever, and afterwards you will be saying: “NAILED IT!”

  1. Know your audience – Whether you are marketing to teenage girls or grown professionals you want to know what is going to speak to the audience and keep them wanting more from your blog.
  2. Plan around holidays – This is the perfect way to get ideas for unique, relevant posts. Make one dedicated to Christmas, another to the 4th of July, and even one for Easter or any other upcoming holiday.
  3. Big events in your industry – Chances are there is a major conference in your industry at least once a year. Write a post on what to expect when going to the conference or write a recap of the event when you get back.
  4. Theme posts (movies, TV, music) – Summer is perfect for this. Create a post that is designed around the biggest summer blockbuster or just write one around a classic movie that everyone can relate to.
  5. Series of posts – Create an ongoing discussion topic that you can hit each month. Give the end of each post a cliffhanger that will make visitors want to subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss anything.
  6. Seasonal posts – Try comparing your industry to leaves changing in the fall or budding spring tulips. Talk about what your industry is doing in the summertime. You can feel free to leave out winter, because the winter is depressing and cold.
  7. Videos – Did your team just create an awesome video that you want to go viral? Transcribe the video and post it to your blog along with your video – easy content.
  8. Infographics – This goes along the same line as the videos. It’s easy content for your blog once it has been created. Write about each section of the graphic, possibly in different posts, and really delve into what the image is trying to say.
  9. Why so serious? – Not all posts need to be completely serious. Why not have some fun with it? Write a post around a comic strip or compare your industry to a funny scene from a movie.
  10. Make a list – What are the top 7 things in your industry? Make that list and write about it. This one is working isn’t it?
  11. News events – Are you hosting a big event or even just sponsoring one? Write about that. Have a new breakthrough product coming out? Write about it. Do you have someone new on your executive team? Write about it!
  12. Interview someone – If I were to have a blog on basketball, I would want to interview the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) Michael Jordan and post that to my blog. Find the Michael Jordan of your industry and set up an interview. Make sure you come up with insightful and thought provoking questions for the interviewee to have your readers be drawn into the interview.

Hopefully this will give you a jump start on your editorial calendar for the next couple months. One thing that you should always take into account is that your goal is to build an audience. You want these readers to come back to your site to see what magical piece you’re writing now, and you want them share it with all their friends across their own social platforms. You want them to check your site every day just to see a fresh new piece of content, so always leave them wanting more.