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Yo peeps, tweeps and fbeeps!

SEOmoz is looking for a reason to come to Salt Lake. They’re calling it a #Mozcation. They are looking for the best place to go, but the obvious choice is SLC. I know it. I know you know it. Now we need to let SEOmoz know it.

I have tapped into the

  • RavenTools API
  • MajesticSEO API
  • Authority Labs API
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Trends and Google insights
  • and most definitely the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

and they all point to the obvious destination of the 8-0-1 (That is the area code for Salt Lake City).

I even shook my magic SEO 8 Ball and it said “ask me again.” And I DID – and it said “FO SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE.” (which I believe translates to “Most Definitely”)

In all my research, I have calculated that there are at least, but not limited to, 1,276 reasons (correlation != causation) why #Mozcation should be in SLC.

Below are a couple of my reasons for having #Mozcation here, what are yours? (Add your comments below, or comment on mine, because I know they’re research sound and proven.)

Giddy Up! (Sorry but you might not see the Comments if using Google Chrome)

P.S. I wasn’t lying when I said I checked Google Insights. And I know Nevada is #1, but that is only temporary according to my research!