14 Tips to Get the Most Out of Blogging

What To Do When Blogging

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic to a website and help you rank better in the search engines.  When I suggest implementing a blog to clients, there is frequently some degree of skepticism and push-back on the importance and effectiveness of it.  I get a lot of questions like “What can I write about?” and “How do I blog and get the most out of it?”

These questions shed some light on why so many people don’t blog as they should.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of benefits that these companies are missing out on from not blogging. After some thought and research, here are 14 ways to leverage your blog to its fullest potential.

1. Title Tags

Create an informative title tag 60-70 characters in length, describing what your post is about.  If you want to rank a particular post for a particular keyword phrase, include it in the title of the page and title of the post.

2. Meta Descriptions

Provide a short description 160-170 characters in length to describe the post in the SERPs, including some sort of call to action at the end such as “Show your [industry] awareness by sharing with your friends”.

Social Share Buttons

3. Social Share Buttons

When people read something they like or find beneficial, they like to share it with those around them.  Add social sharing buttons to every post to top social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, G+, StumbleUpon, Digg etc.), making it as easy for your viewers to share your posts with your friends.  This is a great way to acquire backlinks from readers that may not make the effort to link to you otherwise.

4. Social Profile Buttons

Make sure your social profile buttons and RSS feed sign-up are easy to find on the blog.  When people read blogs, they will often want to subscribe and connect with you through your other social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).


Enable commenting on each blog post to help entice people to interact with the author of the post.  This is a great way to build relationships with people in your industry, and potential clients.  It also allows you to answer any additional questions that people may have after reading your post.

Importance of Images in Blog Posts - Piggy Bank After Filling My Car Up6. Pictures

“Pictures are worth a thousand words.”  Have at least one picture for every blog post that relates to what is being written in that post.  Users like to see pictures it helps entice them to read on and makes the users reading experience more enjoyable.

7. Use Links

Give users access to more information about your topic by linking to other pages of your site, and other trusted blogs and websites that can help shed more light on what you are talking about.

8. Titles

First impressions can make or break you.  The title of your blog post is your opportunity to make that first impression.  Create titles that are interesting to your viewing audience and that entice them to keep reading.

9. Content

In SEO, original and unique content is king.  Updating your blog on a consistent basis will entice visitors and search engines to continually come back to your site to read more.  Blogging frequently with high quality content will make you a reliable and creditable resource in your industry, ultimately helping you rank better in the SERPs, and can create a loyal following and clientele.  Write good posts that people want to link to, share, and that provide good usable information.  Below are some examples of what types of articles people love the most.

  1. Create top ten lists – such as “10 easy tips to help you [insert topic here].”
  2. Create resource lists for a specific topic.  Link to sources to go to get more information.
  3. Create content that is easy to understand so everyone can understand and spread your message.
  4. Talk about recent news that affects your industry.
  5. Allow other authors to guest blog post on your blog.  This can help you get links from other industry related sites.
  6. Share and create surveys and studies that help people interact with your blog
  7. Hold a contest. Contests make great link bait. A few hundred-dollar prizes can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of editorial, quality links.
  8. Write about topics and keyword phrases you want your site to rank for, then link to that page from your post.

10. Tags

Use appropriate and relevant tags on your blogs.  This can help you rank your post for those phrases in search engines.

11. Promote Your Content

Generate readership and build a following by promoting your posts on your own personal social platforms, inclucing Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.  Often, you can use social sharing widgets that give you a quick and easy way of seeing how many people are sharing your posts through those platforms.  You can also submit your blog to various blog directories.

12. URL Structure

Use the title of the post as part of the URL structure so it is easy for people to remember and link to.

  • Example: www.seo.com/blog/title-of-blog-post/

13. Call To Action

Use calls to action at the end of your blog post, inviting readers to take a specific action.

For example:

  1. “Let us know your opinion on the topic and leave us your comments below.
  2. “Learn more about {topic} here (link to a page on your site).”

Have Fun With Blogging

14. Have Fun with it!

Blogging is meant to entertain and provide useful information.  Don’t be afraid to use analogies and jokes to help people relate to what you are saying and endear them to you. Blog posts don’t always have to be serious.  Create articles purely for entertainment purposes from time to time.

Example:  Top 5 Villains You Never Make An Appointment With

Please share this post with your friends and let me know what you think of these tips in the comments section here or on Twitter.  Thanks for Reading

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  1. Dave Young says

    This is a great list of everything that people need to think about when producing content. What most business owners find difficult is setting aside the time. We’ve found that using an outsider to help you produce a podcast offers a double-whammy. You get the podcast, you can transcribe it and now you’ve got the basis for an article. If you produce just one 10-minute podcast per week, you’ll end up with almost 80,000 words in a year that you can use for SEO, training, ebooks, bestsellers, etc. Using an outsider means the business owner only needs to show up for the recording sessions….and to help plan the topics in advance. It’s much easier than staring at a blank screen and it’s much nicer than the nagging thought that you have a blog that may be doing you more harm than good if it’s just got some year-old posts that you created when you were on a binge of good intentions.

    • Shawn Barrington says

      Dave that is another great idea. Podcast’s and YouTube videos can be a great way to spice up your blog and capture or recapture your subscribers and readers. The Key to a really good blog is constant and continual posts keeping your blog up to date will not only keep your readers coming back but also the search engines.

  2. Nicole Bullock says

    Great tips, Shawn! It’s interesting how many angles blogging can be approached from. As a personal blogger (primarily), I usually try to have a consistent and engaged readership that evolves through all of my social networks. Although I don’t optimize every personal post for SEO purposes, I see that I get equal (if not more) traffic from social sites. Don’t discount the power of the relationships that you can create from blogging, they can be great opportunities for future links and brand promotion.

    • Shawn Barrington says

      Very true Nicole! Relationships is a very big benefit that successful blogging can do for you, both on a personal and professional level. I have seen people get additional job opportunity’s from relationships they have built through blogging and social interaction.

  3. Andre Morris says

    Those social share buttons are huge and can have a big impact! I agree 100% with this article, overall great tips. Thanks!

    • Shawn Barrington says

      Thanks Andre I appreciate the compliment. With the search engines starting to take in account Social presence as part of ranking algorithms you are very right if you use them they can be huge for you.

  4. John Lucifer says

    I think that’s a very valuable tips you posted for all the readers including myself. I think comment on this blogging is very valuable and very valid point to write and talk about for the betterment but the content is the main key, have to be original all the time for sure. Keep sharing with me.

  5. says

    You are a ROCK STAR in my book!  Totally love the ideas and content.  The top 10 list is genius.  I think I will put a David Letterman spin on it for some fun.  What are you favorite plugins for blogs to help with sharing.  

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