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There comes a time in any company’s marketing efforts when they reach Peak Social – that point at which they’ve hit the maximum rate of extraction from their social media efforts and can only enter a state of terminal decline from there.

At least, that’s what it feels like every time a new social platform is touted as “the next critical component of online marketing.” It can feel like you’ve mined this resource for everything it’s got, and any more time spent on it is time you just don’t have.

That’s where the right social media tools can step in and streamline your social content processes so you can master each platform and get the most out of them before reaching Peak Social.

Of course, social media apps come out all the time, and not all of them provide sufficient value. On top of that, too many tools can just confuse the entire situation. After all, how many dashboards do you really need before you feel complete?

Good social tools should make it easier to create, manage, schedule, and track your social media content. They should help you save time and get better results and more traffic. With that in mind, take a look at these 18 tools and see which ones fit with your current efforts.



This is a fairly common tool among marketers these days, and for good reason. This is a social scheduler that makes posting to various (and multiple) networks extremely easy.

Basically, it’s a single location where you can create a schedule for all of your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, etc., allowing you to plan far in advance and choose the day and time that matches your audience’s online behavior.



Social media is a highly visual medium, so you’re much more likely to generate interest in your posts if you have some eye-catching images.

Of course, not everyone has the design skills or even the sense of aesthetics necessary to put two colors together in a way that won’t make eyes water and stomachs turn. Canva simplifies a lot of that design process so you can create simple (or complex) images with a range of elements. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it looks a lot more professional than what you tried to do with Microsoft Paint the other day.

(You might also check out our list of 29 Free Resources for Creating Online Visual Content.)



This is a visual look behind the scenes of your social media efforts. It provides real-time data so you can see what’s happening with your posts as well as the discussions going on in the social sphere. You can monitor keywords and can see what is being said, the sentiment behind those words, and the influence that all of those posts have.



Influencers play a big part in modern online marketing, but how do you know who really has the influence and who just puts up a good show? This tool is designed to help you search for bloggers and social media leader who are connected with your industry so you can connect with them.

All you have to do is search for your related keywords and the tool will provide a list of related blogs as well as info on their relevance, visibility and engagement.



The Hubspot tools address everything from blogging and SEO to social media and lead management. It has apps that let you post to your networks while showing you how people are interacting with them.

The biggest benefit is the way it integrates all these features with a CRM so you can track the leads and ROI that your efforts are creating. It can even get down into the nitty gritty details and show you how a user has interacted with your site and company.

Follower Wonk


If your campaign has a heavy focus on Twitter, this might be the tool you need. It provides deep information about your followers, such as where they’re located, when they tweet, and who has the most influence.

Twitter is successful when you can increase engagement, and that means addressing the people who actually want to talk to you rather than tweeting into the void. Start tweeting at the people suggested by this tool and you may see a difference in engagement.

Social Clout


A lot of these tools are all about delving data, and this analytics tool is no different in that respect. The respect in which it is different is the way it provides data on multiple social media accounts so you can track progress and see how people respond differently on different platforms. Of course, it’s not just about listening to what people are saying, which this tool lets you do, but it’s also about understanding the sentiment behind their words. These reports focus on helping you do that in a quick and easy way.



IFTTT stands for IF This, Then That. It’s basically a way for you to define a couple of variables within your marketing campaign and then use this tool to automate contextual actions. (Ooo, “contextual actions.” That’s totally not someone trying to sound smarter than he really is by using a fancy schmancy way of saying you can connect two apps that you regularly use so they will automatically work together.)

The site says it works great with 293 services, so there’s a lot of mixing and matching that can go on. But the visual layout and interface does make it a little easier to use.



When you post something great to your blog, a lot of people who would love to see it are still going to miss it. A person can only read so much in a day. So how do you keep promoting things that may have been missed without looking like you have a desperate and spammy need for attention?

This tool allows you to get a little more life out of your social sharing. Edgar takes a look at the things you’ve posted in the past and automatically re-shares old content when it hasn’t been seen in a while. It also lets you categorize your posts so you can easily find specific content to repost in the future.



This tool is all about figuring out what kind of content your target audience actually wants and what works best on a given platform. You can quickly discover the most popular content on specific topics, so you can see what has been working for other content producers and maybe even connect with them if they have some industry influence.

This is also a good way to help spur your content curation efforts and find the relevant content that your followers will enjoy.



Feedly is a simple and effective way to keep the stream of relevant blog posts coming directly to you. You can add high quality sites to your feed and to keep up with the news, discoveries, and insights that are relevant to your industry. It’s also a great way to curate and share content with others.



Content discovery is an important part of the social media process, whether you’re trying to keep up with industry trends or learning the pain points of your target audience so you can address them with your own content.

Nuzzel pulls information from the things your Facebook and Twitter people are sharing. You can find influencers, discover new content, and focus on the kinds of content that people in your social networks are finding useful.



Sometimes we think we know who to follow in the industry, but at the same time, we might be missing some opportunities because we just didn’t think about certain people or companies. This tool goes beyond just searching for influencers based on keywords. You submit a link to a published blog and this tool will determine a theme and suggest influencers who might be interested in that kind of thing.



This is another tool that provides analytics on your social media effort, with real-time reports and intuitive dashboards. It can also help you do some industry and competitor research, with the general goal being to turn these data points into actionable insights.



This tool was designed to help grow your business through conversion optimization, opt-ins, and building your customer/email lists. It has tools for optimizing your share buttons for more traffic, a simple drag and drop setup, and the list-builder tool is tailored to make it easy to create better lists of email subscribers.

KingSumo Headlines


The KingSumo suite of apps has a number of good features, but the one we’re going to highlight here is the one that lets you focus on an element that has a huge impact on whether or not someone will click on your post – the title. This is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your titles and see which ones generate the most traffic.

Slowly, you’ll start to learn which titles are the most effective, and you can use this knowledge to craft even better titles in the future.



This tool is designed to provide real-time information on the things people are saying about your brand. You don’t have to wander aimlessly around the internet hoping to see something related to you, which can be a serious time-sink. This will deliver the positive and the negative posts so you can quickly engage with people and thank them or respond to their issues.

Bundle Post


Much like Buffer, this tool is a way to schedule your posts, but the benefit here is that this one will replace a lot of common keywords you’re using with hashtags to increase your reach. You can tell the tool what keywords you’re going after and it will automatically switch them for the hashtag version to save you time and ensure you don’t forget them in your rush to be the first to tweet about something.

Automation is Great – Quality is Better

All of these tools are effective choices for streamlining your social content processes. It can simplify your activities and free up your time to focus on engagement and other marketing activities. However, the one thing you need to remember while you’re trying some of these tools is that they are supposed to make the work easier, but they’re not supposed to make it go away completely.

Consistency can be achieved with these tools, but quality is still all on you. And, in the end, that’s how you’ll avoid hitting Peak Social too early.

Before you start using any of these tools, be sure to take a close look at your current social media accounts. Use this simple checklist to make sure everything is working together.

Download your free social media checklist