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Last Friday, the trash talk commenced, team anthems were chosen, and iPhone stopwatches were synced as we gathered for the Annual SEO.com Office Olympics.

In 2009, we pulled muscles, scraped knees, and put a hole in our wall. This year we repeated all the above and added a little swelling.

Was it worth it? Vince Blackham and Scott Smoot, our biathlon winners, said it was. Shortly after the medals ceremony Vince tweeted, “I just took GOLD at the @seocom Office Olympics in the sharpshooting event. I’d like to thank Halo & Call of Duty for my success!”

Congratulations to the following medalists:

1st Place: Scott Smoot and Vince Blackham
2nd Place: Darren Bradley & TJ Welsh
3rd Place: Travis Winger & Jared Winger

Dodgeball/Steal the Flag/SEO Gladiators
1st Place: Scott Cowley & Dan Patterson
2nd Place: Darren Bradley & TJ Welsch
3rd Place: Greg Bay & Ty Cammack

Office Chair Bob Sled Race
1st Place: Travis Winger & Jared Winger
2nd Place: Greg Bay & Ty Cammack
3rd Place: Dan Bischoff & Mike Hasson

Sticky Note Fencing
1st Place: Jared Winger
2nd Place: Darren Bradley
3rd Place: Lewie Bascom