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As more marketing moves from off-line to online distribution channels, there are a number of outlets that can help generate traffic to a company’s website and increase brand awareness. In order to get the most benefit from their online efforts, companies need to understand where their customers look for information about their services or products and then provide valuable content on those sites.

By placing content on external sites, companies can reach their target audience and maybe even get their content ranked in search engines for specific keyword phrases. This, in turn, will help increase brand exposure and drive more traffic to the site.

Slideshare is a content site that has a lot of potential to increase exposure and send targeted traffic to a company’s site. Slideshare is a popular platform for uploading and sharing PowerPoint presentations, and you can start building traffic to your site by using these four tactics:

Tip #1– Optimize Each Presentation

When you upload a new presentation to Slideshare you should create a title, description and tag your PPT presentation. Make sure you use keywords in each of these fields. For example:


It is a good idea to “Allow viewers to download file” as well. That way Slideshare can track how many times an individual saves or downloads your presentation.

Tip #2– Use Keywords Throughout the Presentation

Once they’re uploaded, Slideshare creates a transcript of the slides which appears below the presentation. Google and other search engines can crawl and index the transcript and create an association (via co-citations) between certain keywords and your brand. Pratik Dholakiya explained co-citations as:

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“Google is placing less emphasis on anchor text (and perhaps links in general), and is leveraging its massive data set to look for statistical correlations that it can use to determine relevance and influence on the web.”

For more information about co-citations, you can check out Pratik’s article on Search Engine Journal.

Tip #3– Promote Your Presentation

After you upload your presentation to Slideshare, spend some time on sites like Quora or LinkedIn Groups to promote your content. Chances are you have answered someone’s questions with the information in your slides, so this is an opportunity to link to your presentation.


When looking on Quora for the phrase “create images using PowerPoint,” I came across the following opportunity:


This simple question provided great opportunity to build links naturally to the following presentation:


Find relevant places to link to your Slideshare presentation and you will be able to increase the amount of views to your slides. Further, you should also promote your presentation on social sites. Social sharing like Tweets, shares, likes and +1s can also increase the amount of views to your slides.

This will, in turn, increase your chances of being featured on the homepage of Slideshare:


Image source: slideshare.net

Slideshare features 16 presentations on a given day. While two of the featured presentations are paid listings the other 14 are editorial picks, and one of the criteria Slideshare uses to select which content to feature is the highest number of views in a given day.

Promoting your presentation through link building and social promotions can increase the amount of views to your presentation substantially, which in turn increases your chances of showing up in the featured section of the homepage.

Link building, social shares and additional views helped SEO.com increase views to the following presentation:


Tip #4– Begin with the End in Mind

Like any piece of content you produce it should have a purpose. If you define that purpose upfront it will be that much easier to create an effective strategy. Before building out a Slideshare presentation you should have a keyword phrase in mind so you can easily optimize the presentation (that is keyword rich), create value, and promote it through link building and social channels.

By taking advantage of the tips above, you can drive valuable traffic back to your site and possibly even rank your presentation in search engines for key phrases. A well-thought-out SlideShare presentation may be easier to rank rather than your own blog since it gets to use SlideShare’s domain authority. Sometimes, though, there are just certain topics that are best covered with a visual presentation instead of blog post.

I would love to hear how you are using Slideshare for your online marketing efforts.